April 19, 2018

Android Beats Windows to Become the Most Popular OS in The World

For about 30 years, Windows has been the most popular OS in the world. Even though Windows has been the most popular OS for PCs, the rise of Android is threatening its dominance as more and more people move to a mobile first world. Android has actually dethroned Windows from the top spot according to StatCounter.

The figures from StatCounter reveal that Android has a 37.93% market share. This is a percentage of all devices connected to the internet including desktops, tablets, laptops and phones. Windows OS comes in closely with a market share of 37.91%. It is impressive to see Android control such a big percentage of the devices connected to the internet considering the fact that five years ago its market share was just 2.4%.

It is not hard to see why Android has seen its market share grow this fast. More people are buying smartphones that can connect to the internet compared to those buying PCs or tablets. Android is the most popular mobile OS and if more people are buying smartphones, a higher percentage of these people are buying Android powered smartphones.

We are living in a mobile first world and therefore mobile phones are more important and necessary than computers. Mobile phones are also affordable and are intertwined with our lives and this means that people are likely to buy them and not computers. With this in mind, you will not be surprised to see why Android is the most popular OS.

Right now, Windows and Android are neck to neck but I expect Android’s dominance to keep rising going forward. Even with this, we may see Windows’ market share rise considering how Microsoft has been aggressively pushing the latest version, Windows 10.

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