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Benefits Of Interoperability Across Mobile Money Service Providers

Airtel Money Kenya

The increase in mobile money adoption and greater usage in terms of average transaction values has led to the growth of interoperability solutions being designed. Initially, it was market-led and driven by the need identified by mobile money service providers for customers in different mobile money wallet ecosystems to transact. However, in recent years, governments have been more proactive in driving interoperability.

Recently, the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) introduced new guidelines on Mobile Money interoperability. The guidelines are in line with the CBK’s National Payments Strategy 2022-2025 and shall ensure seamless mobile money interoperability. In the new guidelines, mobile money customers are guaranteed a convenient customer journey across their different channels – SIM Menu, USSD Menu and App to allow on-network and off-network direct transactions. Airtel Money customers can now receive money directly to their mobile wallets from different networks with no withdrawal code.

Customers of Mobile money service providers like Airtel Money are set to benefit from this move as they will be able to send and receive money easily to any mobile money platform in the market with no restrictions. At the moment Airtel Money customers can make payments to any Mpesa Buy Goods Tills and Paybill numbers. 

On the other hand, interoperability and interconnection between mobile telephone systems will enhance the economic impact of mobile as a general-purpose technology as well as the social benefits of enabling easier communication.

Besides interoperability benefiting mobile money service providers, it also serves an advantage to mobile money users across networks as they will be able to transact easily and enjoy convenience when paying their bills.

Airtel Money continues to introduce innovative and affordable solutions, giving Kenyans a reason to imagine.

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