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Moringa School Partners With M-PESA and Safaricom to Offer API Training and Certification in Africa

M-PESA mini apps training moringa


  • Moringa School partners with M-PESA Africa and Safaricom to offer digital API training and certification across Africa.
  • Training is targeting individuals interested in developing solutions integrated with M-PESA, a leading fintech and digital payments provider with over 60 million customers and 5 million businesses on the continent.
  • The training program, featuring the Moringa School curriculum for M-PESA mini-apps, focuses on API development, integration, UI/UX frameworks, and mini-apps development.

Moringa School has announced a new partnership with M-PESA Africa and Safaricom to provide digital API (Application Programming Interface) training and certification across Africa. This initiative is targeting those who want to learn and develop solutions integrated to digital solutions like M-PESA. The service (M-PESA) currently has over 60 million customers and 5 million businesses across the continent and this makes it one of the leading fintech and digital payment providers in Africa. 

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As the market matures, there is still a shortage of developers across the continent. This means that the bigger players, who pay more and have attractive bonuses, can absorb most of the developers and leave the SMEs and micro-SMEs with limited talent. In most cases, these smaller companies are slow to innovate as they do not have the right number of skilled developers bigger companies have. According to McKinsey, Africa’s domestic e-payments market will see revenues grow to $40 billion by 2025. This is much higher than markets such as Latin America and underscores the importance of having the right talent to take advantage of the growth. 

The training features the Moringa School curriculum for the M-PESA mini-apps with key areas of focus being in API development and integration, UI/UX frameworks, and mini-apps development.

Fiona Kirua, Ag CEO of Moringa School, said, “This partnership marks a major leap in our commitment to equipping developers with the skills necessary to spearhead innovation in the digital realm.”

M-PESA Mini-apps

The M-PESA mini-apps allow businesses to embed their app within the M-PESA app. We have seen this done by a number of local companies including Shop Zetu back in 2023. There are quite a number of other mini-apps on the M-PESA app such as Masoko, Little app, MyCounty, The Standard, mDaktari just to name a few. 

With the embedded app, M-PESA users have access to the company’s full suite of products and services without leaving the app.

“We are partnering with Moringa School to train more developers across the continent in API and mobile app development. These skills are critical with the growing uptake of smartphones and digital financial solutions, and will empower more businesses and especially SMEs to bring their products and solutions to these digital ecosystems such as the M-PESA Super App,” said Sitoyo Lopokoiyit, MD – M-PESA Africa. 

Course Structure

The training will be through a blended model offering both online and offline learning. Developers who successfully complete the training will be awarded a certification, acknowledging their acquired expertise and contributing to their professional development. This aspect of the program is anticipated to raise the standards and competitiveness of the M-PESA ecosystem.

This program is available to both self and group-sponsored learners. 

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