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First, we will introduce a few things to you about Asian handicaps. Asian handicap betting is chosen by many people when participating in soccer betting. Asian handicap includes ratios such as 1/4 handicap, 1/2 handicap, or 1 handicap, etc. And for beginners, when they see the Asian handicap table, they will be confused. And without fully understanding the meaning of these numbers, you will encounter many difficulties in playing online sports betting Kenya. So what is the 1/4-half bet?

                          What are the Asian soccer odds?

Asian soccer handicap (also known as Asian handicap or handicap). Used to show the difference in ability between teams in a match. This is a simple type of bet from Asian bookmakers.

The team that is rated higher will be the handicap team (top team), and the weaker team will be the handicap team (lower team). Providing these odds also aims to create fairness for players when participating in betting with Asian odds.

Asian Handicap will be valid for approximately 90 minutes (plus overtime) of that match and does not count two extra periods. When the match is taking place, bookmakers will add Asian handicap bets for the first half, second half, or extra time, respectively.

                          What is the answer to the 1/4 bet?

The 1/4 bet is also known as the half-ball bet by bettors. This is one of the most popular bets in online soccer betting today.

A 1/4 handicap means that the upper team (the stronger team) is rated higher by the football betting world than the lower team (the weaker team) to win half the money. If the player bets on the upper team, if that team wins, he will win; if there is a draw, the player loses half of the bet. If you lose, you lose all your bets. In this situation, if you bet on the lower team, the calculation will be reversed.

                       How to choose a 1/4 bet to always win

  • Choose the above bet; if there is a draw, then you win half the money; if you win, then you win the full amount; if you lose, you will lose all your bet.
  • If you choose the under bet, if you win, you will win full money; if you draw, you will win half the money; if you lose, you will lose all your bet.
  • For those new to online soccer betting, the ¼ odds will be a bit difficult to understand.

                   The most effective way to choose 1/4 odds

What are the situations that are most likely to happen when betting on 1/4 odds? And maybe for those who are just starting to play 1/4 odds, it will be quite confusing. The 1/4 left handicap is the most popular today. However, wanting to win against these odds is not simple. Below are experiences that people can refer to when participating in 1/4-handicap betting.

  • If the home team has a handicap of 1/4, then choose the home team.
  • The away team is a handicap team, so you should not choose the underdog team.
  • If the match takes place on a neutral field, you should choose the team with the better attack.
  • Carefully analyze the starting lineup, form, and scoring ability of the two teams in recent matches.


So, our betting experts just helped you explain the 1/4 first half odds? How to play 1/4 odds to always win. Please refer now to better understand and make the most accurate predictions! Wishing you many more happy experiences!

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