OPPO Reno10 Series 5G Sets A New Benchmark For Professional Smartphone Portrait Photography

OPPO Reno 10 5G back

As photo and video content has transformed the way we communicate with each other, today’s smartphone users expect more out of the camera on their phones. In response to this, smartphone brands have been constantly exploring new ways to create powerful and smart features that turn everyone into a master photographer. From hardware breakthroughs in lens technology, to highly sophisticated image processing algorithms — smartphone brands including OPPO have been going all out to create camera systems capable of capturing clear, high-quality, and true-to-life images. 

Alongside this push for technological excellence, OPPO has also been conducting in-depth research on professional photography and collaborating closely with renowned experts from around the world in areas such as portrait photography, lighting design, and post-production effects. Through ongoing discussions with these masters, and detailed studies of the specific tone and style of their masterpieces, OPPO has uncovered a series of insights that have led to the creation of its own timeless photography aesthetic — one which revolves around capturing the true relationship between light and shadow to the same standard as a professional camera. 

This aesthetic takes on a new form with the latest OPPO Reno10 series.

Setting a new standard for professional portrait photography on smartphone

The rapid increase in available computational power on smartphones in recent years has led many smartphone brands to introduce so-called image ‘optimization’ or ‘beautification’ effects designed to help make the subject stand out by boosting their brightness and reducing brightness in the background. Although this aggressive computational approach can create brighter, more eye-catching images that suit today’s mainstream aesthetics, any detailed inspection of these images makes it clear that they are far from photographic masterpieces.

In order to create timeless masterpieces not bound to one particular style or era, OPPO started by trying to answer the question of how computational photography can work to help users capture the beauty of the real world. Looking back over the evolution of photography, OPPO found that this desire to capture the beauty of the real world is an innate human instinct that has remained true regardless of how camera technology has developed. Likewise, traditional photography has always been appealing and admired as a creative pursuit despite such big advances in digital photography. Although traditional photography requires the use of complicated equipment and a considerable amount of training and experience, the art form still appeals to many people who are willing to spend hours in the darkroom or in front of an SLR to capture real life beauty in their photos. The time and effort spent by these people gives them a deep understanding of photography and aesthetics — knowledge and experience that OPPO believes is exactly what today’s computational photography needs. Its aim is to combine this knowledge with smart computational photography techniques to build an imaging system capable of reproducing the ultra-realistic interconnection between light and shadow, space, and true-to-life colors.

With a team of over 1,000 dedicated imaging specialists and an annual investment of more than US$156 million (approximately 22 Billion Ksh), OPPO is sparing no effort when images with clear details, natural colors, and ultra-realistic light and shadow effects.

Putting professional masterpieces in the hands of everyone

As part of its ongoing commitment to creating a professional and inclusive portrait shooting experience on the Reno series, OPPO is introducing a new long-term project starting with the Reno10 series. This Portrait Expert Project will draw on the expertise of a global Portrait Expert Group of professional portrait photographers and take inspiration from their mastery of light and their multi-cultural perspectives to continuously optimize the underlying portrait technologies of the Reno series. 

To champion this project OPPO Kenya has launched #100FacesofKenya campaign to celebrate the beauty of the country and encourage creators to capture and share their inspiring stories in exceptional ways, igniting a creative spark. 

The challenge will start on 14th September and will end on 30th September 2023. To participate fans can;

  1. Take a stunning and creative portrait of either a person or animal in a nature-based background. 
  2. Post it on your page with the hashtag#100FacesOfKenya and #OPPOReno10series5G and tag @oppo_kenya 
  3. Stand a chance to win amazing gifts with OPPO Kenya. 

“Through never-ending exploration of what makes a good image, and constant benchmarking of its technology against professional camera standards, OPPO continues to evolve its camera offerings to create the most professional experience on a smartphone.” Said Fredrique Achieng PR Manager OPPO Kenya. ”This has given OPPO the opportunity to analyze what separates a contemporary Instagram-worthy photo from a true masterpiece that transcends both time and cultures. On the latest Reno10 series, OPPO continues to narrow the gap between smartphone cameras and high-end DSLRs with end-to-end improvements that put professional masterpieces in the hands of everyone,” she added. 

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