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Navigating Africa’s Digital Future – Insights from Mugo Kibati, CEO of Telkom Kenya

Mugo Kibati-

Yesterday at the International Telecommunications Week (ITW) in Nairobi, Mugo Kibati, the CEO of Telkom Kenya, shared valuable insights on the future of Africa’s digital landscape and the role Telkom Kenya aims to play in it. The discussion covered a range of topics, from the impact of global events to the importance of digital connectivity and policy regulations.

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Kibati’s presentation began with a recognition of the significant global events that have shaped our world. These events have not only disrupted traditional business models but have also presented new opportunities for growth and adaptation. One of the central themes of Kibati’s talk was the importance of preparing for the future. He emphasized that businesses and governments alike must be forward-thinking, recognizing that the traditional brick-and-mortar worldview is evolving rapidly.

Kibati believes that Africa holds immense potential for businesses and entrepreneurs. He pointed out that there is both the capacity and the demand for enterprises to thrive in Africa, and Telkom Kenya is keen on playing a pivotal role in this growth.

Government Involvement

Highlighting the importance of government support, Kibati discussed the current government’s strategy. This strategy encompasses pillars such as infrastructure development, capacity building, and forward-thinking policies that are aimed at securing Africa’s future in the digital age. Kibati stressed the significance of the AU Agenda 2063, a comprehensive continental development plan. He explained that a single digital market is central to achieving the goals outlined in this vision, which include transforming Africa by 2063.

In his presentation, Kibati underscored the critical role of digital connectivity. Access to mobile internet and broadband is essential, but he also highlighted the need for relevant content and engagement to maximize the impact of connectivity. The discussion also touched upon the challenges of creating policies and regulations that can keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital world. Kibati stressed the importance of policy that fosters innovation and supports everyday convenience.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Kibati spoke about the necessity of cross-border collaboration and partnerships, especially for young people and streamlined documentation processes. These collaborations can facilitate the movement of talent and goods across the continent. The presentation concluded with a focus on the changing outlook and the significance of collaboration with telecoms infrastructure providers and hyperscalers in the region. Kibati emphasized the need for businesses to adapt and collaborate in order to thrive in Africa’s evolving digital landscape.

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