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Bolt Drivers Can Now Set Their Own Prices and Riders Can select Their Preferred Drivers


Bolt is making some changes to its platform which will allow drivers to set their own prices within a range of price per Km to reflect their own preferences and local market conditions. Riders on the other hand will be able to select their preferred drivers on the platform,

“With this innovation, it is designed to make the Bolt platform even more attractive to drivers by putting them firmly in control of their entrepreneurial journey,” the company said in a statement.

According to bolt, drivers have always requested to have the flexibility of setting dynamic pricing with many currently choosing to accept and then reject trips if a more profitable journey becomes available elsewhere, leading to a poor rider experience.

Alternatively, they can elect to continue to use Bolt’s dynamic standard pricing. The moves are expected to lead to a better functioning marketplace.

Speaking about the changes, Kenneth Micah, Bolt’s Regional Manager for East Africa said, “Drivers have consistently asked us for the ability to set their own prices so they can ensure a journey is profitable enough before it’s accepted. We have built our business around giving drivers total flexibility. These changes are part of that philosophy and will create a better functioning marketplace. While driver needs are met, it was just as critically important to ensure riders enjoy the same liberty by selecting a driver of their choice for their trip. This is another way we are ensuring riders know that the drivers with impeccable ratings are available for their trip. We hope that this will result in great experiences for both stakeholders as we continue to find innovative solutions for pleasant experiences”

In an effort to ensure riders a greater trip experience, passengers can now manually select a preferred driver based on a number of factors such as price fare, expected time of arrival, and driver rating. In addition to these factors, riders can also see additional information such as Driver Photo, Driver Name and Car Details to help empower their decision for their trip.

Bolt will be piloting these new features in Nairobi as the first market in Africa.

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