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Bolt Expands its Women-Only Ride Category to Mombasa


Bolt has launched its Women-Only ride category in Mombasa to enable female passengers to request rides from female drivers, while at the same time, expanding its ride options.

The women-only category is geared towards empowering and motivating more women drivers to join the ride-hailing industry. This means that more women can earn an income by driving with Bolt. In addition to this, the category offers women passengers an additional choice to be driven by a woman driver.

“Bolt continues to look for ways to make urban transportation more convenient and flexible to the entire rider community. Women Only Category is part of our initiative to empower women drivers while providing an alternative to female passengers in Mombasa to flexibly and conveniently move around the city in a way that is most comfortable and communally acceptable for them.” Said Kenneth Micah, Regional Manager, Bolt EA.

The category further aims at enhancing the safety and security of women that use Bolt’s platform, whether they are drivers or passengers.

“We’re constantly developing our platform and services to help ensure that every Bolt user feels secure and enjoys choice, and the Women Only service, in combination with Bolt’s many other safety features, provides these value propositions.” added Micah.

Rides on Bolt Women Only will cost the same as the Standard Bolt category in Mombasa.  The service was introduced in pilot phase in Nairobi in September this year has now grown by over 10% monthly and this, along with feedback from our communities, further encouraged the extension to Mombasa to offer increased choice to women drivers and passengers.

Micah further added that in the coming months, the company plans to roll out many solutions that would improve financial inclusion and access to working capital and asset financing for drivers on the platform.

Bolt continues to expand its business portfolio so as to expand its market, meet its customer’s needs and most importantly ensure safety of everyone who uses the Bolt app. The Women-only category is part of the larger company’s goal to enhance safety and create more job opportunities for women within its African market.

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