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LG immersion technology brings live concerts to your home


Since the coronavirus upstaged the world of entertainment, virtual live concerts are now more popular than ever before. Music superstars have been live streaming concerts to their fans right to their living rooms. With the emergence of live streaming platforms, a whole new digital culture of creativity is unfolding.


Data by music research firm MIDiA shows an explosive growth in livestreaming in 2020 on the back of plummeting revenue from live concerts, shuttered by the coronavirus pandemic. Live Streamed concerts raked in $600 million dollars in revenue last year.

The advent of this paradigm shift in entertainment coincides with increased adoption of the latest innovative technology driving the metaverse – an alternate digital reality where people work, play and socialize with who they want, where they want and whenever they want.

While immersive technologies have mainly been deployed in gaming, they are increasingly being adopted in entertainment, education, healthcare, design and hospitality. Immersive technologies are basically those that blend the physical and digital worlds to create limitless lifestyle opportunities.

Even here in Kenya, such technologies are changing the way people live, work, play and socialize. For instance, virtual reality provides a digital experience that is very similar and even hard to distinguish from the real world.

Kenya is the second country in Africa to roll out 5G mobile technology, which enables high-speed connectivity for real time entertainment like online live music concerts. Faster download times means songs can be instantly played, not to mention the thrill of feeling like you are at a concert that is taking place thousands of miles away.

LG is investing heavily in augmented reality and other advanced immersive tools. Through LG Technology Ventures, LG recently invested in tech firm Wave that specializes in virtual entertainment content. The US-based startup recently created waves, literally, with virtual reality based live concerts by pop stars and other music legends.

LG’s cutting-edge display and audio devices make the metaverse a reality. What perfect way to enjoy live concerts than with the LG OLED TV for stunning life-like experiences in your living room. Throw in the LG Soundbar and you transform your home into a concert venue as if you were actually there.

Not just concerts but also movies, shows and sports are delivered in new and creative ways with LG immersion technology. According to Broadcast Management Group, virtual entertainment has many advantages as people experience the same effects unlike a live show where it depends on which seat you buy. Some virtual shows come with a chat feature that enables fans to interact and even request songs.

Spending more time at home should not mean missing out on the social activities we always cherished like attending a concert or going to the movie theater. And even after the pandemic subsides, virtual entertainment will remain a part of our lives.

The metaverse, where the line between the real and virtual world is increasingly blurred, is here to stay, a part of a new lifestyle.

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