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It Is Android 10: Google Ditches the Dessert-Based Names for Android Versions

Android 10

With the release of a new version of Android, we normally get to see what dessert name Google picks for it. The current publicly available version, Android 9 is also known as Android Pie. This naming system has been around from the beginning but Google is changing that with the next version of Android.

Google announced yesterday that the next version of Android will be referred to as Android 10, no more sweet desserts after that. According to Google, the change in the naming system is to ensure they are accessible across different markets as previously not everyone was familiar with the one Google chose.

The explanation by Google makes sense as it avoids any confusion since not everyone knows about desserts and to some people that naming system was not relatable.

Speaking on this, Sameer Samat, VP of product management for Android said “Google’s actual reason for switching the naming isn’t that Q is hard, but rather that desserts aren’t very inclusive. We have some good names, but in each and every case they leave a part of the world out. Android is a global brand, used by more people in India and Brazil than in the U.S., so going with an English word for the dessert leaves some regions out. Pie isn’t always a dessert, ‘lollipop’ can be hard to pronounce in some regions, and ‘marshmallows’ aren’t really a thing in a lot of places. Numbers, at least, are universal.”

Change in Logo and Mascot

Besides the change in the naming system, Google also unveiled a new Android Logo and mascot. You may not care so much about this but you will see the changes from time to time.

Google has added a bit of blue to the green Android logo as the company says that the previous green colour was not visible to those with colour blindness. With green-red being the most common type of colour blindness, Google reckons that there is a good chance that a good number of people were not seeing the correct colour.

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