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YouTube Set to Introduce Learning Playlists with No Recommended Videos


In a move to help learners get organized and quickly learn new things, YouTube is introducing educational playlists. Educational Playlist feature will categorize videos into variable topics like Science, Math, Engineering, among others. As a plus to get more organized in learning the topics will further be classified according to the level of complexity, say from beginner to expert.

Because YouTube’s recommended videos algorithm misbehaves at times and can shift your focus away, the feature will be disabled in educational videos playlist.

Besides, videos next on the playlist will not automatically be played. Restricting the recommended videos in Learning Playlists may indicate YouTube’s concern on creating an educationally friendly environment to learners. Learning Playlist will allow one concentrate without being distracted by a new rap video from their favorite artist.

In the recent past, YouTube rejected requests to pull down their video recommendation algorithm on the platform that landed the company in hot soup for allegedly recommending inappropriate content to children – which shouldn’t be surprising as the feature has been the primary drive to the success of the app till date.

YouTube has reportedly been working with content creators around educational topics like Khan Academy, Ted-Ed among others to create the Learning Playlist.

CrashCourse YouTube Chemistry Playlist
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