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Gmail’s Dynamic Email feature to roll out fully on 2nd July


Gmail‘s Dynamic email feature that was announced earlier in this year in March is finally rolling out on July 2. Dynamic email has been a beta feature for some time, but soon, every user will be able to join the train. Active emails in Gmail brings new interactive functionality in Google’s app.

Unlike the rational static nature of Gmail, the new feature will enable users to “RSVP to an event, fill out a questionnaire, browse a catalog or respond to a comment” directly without having to open a document in ‘Documents’ to view it.

Gmail dynamic emails by Google

With dynamic email turned on, you’ll be able to see a dialog box within an email highlighting a comment, query, or response from the sender. Whether it’s in a document, the feature will highlight the query, and you’ll be able to resolve or respond directly from Gmail.

Google assures that Dynamic emails will like the rest of Gmail be “safeguarded by best-in-class privacy and security protections.” The feature will officially roll out to all users on Gmail Web both for G-Suite and regular Gmail users by July 2. The feature is currently available for web only but will arrive in mobile “soon” after the web version fully rolls out.

End users will be able to see dynamic emails from senders who use them. Notably, to display active emails, the “display external images” settings must be turned on.

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