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Watching Made Smarter Through LG’s ThinQ AI TVs

LG ThinQ 1

It is 2018 and televisions are more advanced and better than ever. Televisions have rapidly evolved over the last couple of years.  Not long ago, terms like 4K and Ultra HD sounded like technology that was only suited to wealthy early adopters. Fast forward to the present times and Ultra HD is slowly becoming the new standard when it comes to televisions in the country.

A few years ago, the idea of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TVs was taken with a pinch of salt but barely a decade after; OLED TVs are transforming our viewing experiences in our homes. Being the first to introduce OLED TVs in the market, LG electronics have been in the forefront seeing to it that OLED technology is embedded in the long list of TV jargon.

These new models have transformed TVs from a primarily recreational entertainment platform to a more productive and all-rounded tool that can go a long way in helping you run your household more efficiently.  This has been made possible through the integration of Google Assistant, which helps users set up and use voice commands. Through this, one is able to get help in activities like checking the weather forecasts and even news reports and bulletins by simply speaking into the microphone in the remote and issuing specific commands.

LG’s ThinQ TVs have the ability to interact with other ThinQ-enabled smart home products such as air conditioners, lights and speakers therefore offering the luxury of more than just watching.

In ensuring that viewers enjoy viewing experiences, LG’s super UHD TVs are fitted with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) backlight control which utilizes multiple dimming zones to display the dark and light areas of a picture in a more crisp manner thus leading to an improved picture quality and detail.

Do not worry about the color of your sitting room’s wall not matching with your television. LG’s signature OLED televisions have an innovative wallpaper design that provides viewers with an immersive watching experience that blends in with the interior walls of their houses.

LG Electronics Marketing Manager East Africa, Moses Marji asserts that the technology involved in its latest range of OLED and Nano Cell TVs are aimed at offering the best pictures to viewers and ensuring that they experience a seamless viewing. He said, “Our super UHD TV lineup with LG’s proprietary Nano Cell technology is a huge milestone in televisions and in display technology as a whole. As LG, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology that is not only consumer-friendly but also elevates user lifestyles and offers them unrivaled convenience.”

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