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How Tunukiwa Internet Offers by Safaricom Help You Stay Connected for Less

Safaricom tunukiwa bundles

If you are like most people, you probably spend a significant part of your day online. I am such a person, whether at work, at home or anywhere in between, I always like to stay connected and this can get very expensive at times when I don’t have unlimited internet. I do have access to unlimited internet at home (Safaricom Home Fibre) and at work and both these have served me well. This is all good but I do not spend all my time at home or in the office, I am always out and about moving from one place to another.

If you are like me (move from place to place), then you know that mobile data can be very expensive. You may end up spending more money on mobile data that what some people spend on their home internet connection in one month. With this in mind, monitoring how much one spends is a must if the costs are to be kept down.

For someone like me, having internet in the office does not mean that the problem is solved. There is still construction going on in and around the building the office is in and for some weird reason, someone always ends up cutting or pulling the internet cable every so often. This means that we always end up without internet every so often as we wait for that to be fixed. This may not sound like a big deal but for someone who works online, it is really frustrating.

To deal with this, I am always forced to find quick alternatives to stay connected when such an issue happens. These alternatives do not have to tie me down for an entire month. My best bet is to load data on my phone and create a Wi-Fi hotspot and I am good to go. Given that the internet issue is always fixed in a day or two, this is the best and cheapest option for me to stay connected.

With the different options out there, I find Tunukiwa Internet offers by Safaricom to be the best option. I get to pay the minimum amount for internet for 1 hour, 24 hours, 48 hours or 7 days depending on the data I want. I like that I get to pay for data only as that is what I usually need and that’s exactly what I get.

I am a big fan of paying for what I need as I see that as a reasonable way of spending my money. This is why tunukiwa internet offers are appealing to me. You get to spend the least amount possible on data and are guaranteed to get the best value for your money, no gimmicks and no hidden charges.

Tunukiwa offers in Summary

Tunukiwa Internet: These are the different data bundles you can buy ranging from 1 hour to 7 days. Below is a look at some of them:

75MBSh 191 Hour
Unlimited 4GSh 1003 Hours
1GBSh 6912 Hours
75MBSh 2524 Hours
1GBSh 9924 Hours
Unlimited 4GSh 30024 Hours
650MBSh 18048 Hours
10GBSh 9997 Days
3.2GBSh 10007 Days

Tunukiwa Minutes: These offer call minutes from a single day to up to a week.

2 MinutesSh 424 Hours
20 MinutesSh 5Valid till midnight
30 Bob AirtimeSh 1024 Hours
4 MinutesSh 1048 Hours
8 MinutesSh 207 days

Tunukiwa Specials: These offers custom offers for you. The offers can be on data, voice or SMS and will vary from one individual to the other.

How to Buy Tunukiwa Data Bundles

If you are planning to buy Tunukiwa internet offers, dial *444# and choose the first option. You will see the different offers from a 1GB one for 24 hours that will cost you Ksh 99. This is perfect for those who plan to use less than 1GB of data within the next 24 hours. You also have a 7 day offer that gets you 10GB for only Ksh 999. There are a couple others but my favourite is the Unlimited 4G offer valid for 24 hours and costs Ksh 300. It is inexpensive and I do not have to worry about running out of data at anytime as long as the offer is valid. I am a very heavy user and do not have to worry about my data running out when I am working.

You can also grab the tunukiwa internet offers using the mySafaricom app if you have it installed on your phone.

Tunukiwa internet by Safaricom

Tunukiwa internet by Safaricom

Before the tunukiwa offers were introduced, I never really had a good and affordable daily internet option that I could rely on for my usage. I was almost always forced to purchase a monthly data bundle option that was a bit too much and expensive given that I already have internet access in the office and at home.

Tunukiwa offers are not just about data, you can also get call minutes, SMS offers, and airtime depending on what you are looking for. There are also Tunukiwa gifts that you can unlock or you can buy for a friends. To get to these, dial *444# and choose option 4.

Below are a few answers we get regarding Safaricom Tunukiwa offers.

What is Tunukiwa Data?

Tunukiwa data is part of the Tunukiwa offers by Safaricom and offers personalized data offerings to suit your needs.

How do I buy Unlimited Safaricom Minutes?

You can buy unlimited by choosing Safaricom post pay or select the My5 option that you can get by dialling *444#.

How do I Buy Airtime from Mpesa with Safaricom?

This can be done through the mySafaricom App, the MPesa app or through the SIM toolkit.

Through all these steps, navigate to the MPesa menu and choose buy Airtime and choose the amount you want to buy.

How Much is Safaricom Unlimited Bundle?

Safaricom has no unlimited data bundle but you can check the price of the data you want to buy by dialing *544#.

How Much is 10GB Safaricom Bundle?

The 10GB Safaricom bundle goes for Ksh 999 and is valid for 7 days. You can get this by dialing *544#.

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