December 15, 2018
Twitter Night mode for desktops

Twitter Night Mode for Desktop Is Rolling Out to All Users

Not so long ago, we told you that some Twitter users had reported seeing the Night Mode option when using Twitter on desktop. Well, It looks like the company finally is ready to roll out this option to all users.

Night Mode has been available on Twitter’s mobile apps for a while and makes it easier and comfortable to use the app at night or in the dark. When enabled, it turns most bright elements dark so as not to strain the eyes so much. The background changes to midnight blue while the text switches from black to white. The entire background is also darkened.

Twitter used its official supports account to tweet the changes. Below is the tweet.

To enable Night Mode when using Twitter on your desktop, click on your profile photo on the upper right corner and choose “Night Mode” from the drop-down menu. This option will be at the very end of the list after the “Log Out” tab. To switch it off, follow the same process.

Keep in mind that this feature has just started rolling out so you may not have it on your end. I don’t have it on my end but I know someone has it on his end.

I have Night Mode enabled at all times on my phone and I am pretty sure I will do the same for the desktop version. I am a big fan of darkened themes and if there is that option, it will definitely be my default and probably only option.

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