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Facebook Is Reportedly Working on A Prisma-Styled App for Videos

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Over the last few months, we have seen a number of photo editing apps but the one that stood out for us is Prisma. The photo editing app changed the way we edit and share edited photos online. With the success of Prisma, we are getting information that Facebook wants a share of the pie but the company will be doing so with video.

During an interview at the WSJD Live conference, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox has shown off a prototype of what looks like the same filter technology Prisma currently uses. Unlike Prisma, this feature is made exclusively for videos. It looks like there will be no option for adding the filters on still images, only videos will get getting it as far as I understand.

From the demo, it looks like this feature will be much faster than Prisma. The demo showed the video rendering in real-time and this is one big difference when compared to what Prisma currently does. Let’s hope in real life scenarios this will work without any glitches.

At this point, we are not sure if Facebook will add these features to Instagram or if it has plans to release a completely separate app. I personally would love to see it on Instagram as I do not want another app from Facebook. The chances of me using another app just for this are very slim. I downloaded Prisma but I currently don’t use it that much so having another standalone app with the filters will not make so much sense.

Facebook might also use the technology on its Facebook Live platform. This looks like a much viable option since the technology works real-time.

Facebook has not revealed when the feature will roll out, we will have to wait for the company to reveal that to us when it is ready.

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