Microsoft Accidentally Reveals That Windows 10 Anniversary Update Will Be Available On August 2

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When Microsoft released Windows 10 last year, the company said that it has changed the way it does things and that users will be getting yearly updates instead of a completely new OS, something it has been doing for years. Windows 10 was released almost 12 months ago and this means that we expect the anniversary update anytime soon.

Well, it looks like August 2 is when the update will start rolling out according to Microsoft. This new update codenamed Redstone is definitely on its way according to a blog post the company posted on its website.  The headline read “Microsoft announces Windows 10 anniversary update available Aug. 2″.

As soon as the blog was posted, the company took it down meaning that it was not supposed to go up in the first place. This may have been an accidental leak or the company may be teasing us to get us excited for the update.

The blog post did not have any content and just had the headline and this in effect shows that the company wasn’t that ready to share the information just yet. Probably someone inside the company got a bit excited and hit the publish button too soon.

Even though the post has been deleted, I still think that the update will be available on August 2 and Microsoft is probably ironing some things about before it makes it official.

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