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Improving productivity with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure

office 365

Productivity is all about getting things done effectively be it in business or in your personal life. There are just 24 hours in a day and you need to use the hours you have to be more productive. You can be more productive by putting in a few extra hours or you can look for smart ways to work and still be productive. If you are like me, you will definitely prefer the ‘work smart’ option as it gets you the results you want within a short period of time and using less energy, this is what productivity is all about.

Before we get started, let’s first define what Microsoft Office 365 and Azure mean and represent.

For those who don’t know, Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription plan from the company that gives you access to all Office applications (Microsoft Word, Excel among others) plus other productivity services that are enabled over the Internet.

Microsoft Azure on the other hand is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure that allows businesses to build, deploy and manage applications and services.

So what are the benefits of using Microsoft Office 365 or Azure for your business or personal life?

Things get done

The Microsoft Office 365 apps ensure you get things done on time. Office 365 brings you all the apps you need in one locations meaning that you get to use the specific app you want and get the job done. You can install office 365 apps on your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablets among other devices. This means that you can continue working even when out of the office.

If you are running a business, you can get one Office 365 subscription and have the apps installed on the different devices that your employees use. Your employees can still be able to work even when out of the office.

If you are using Azure, you can tap into the power of cloud and concentrate on your core business. If you are building apps, you can easily deploy and manage apps. This means that you leave all the hard part to Azure and just concentrate on the important parts of your business.

One device gets the job done

Since you can install Office 365 apps on most devices, you can have just one device and you are good to go. If you are always out of the office, you can install it on your tablet, smartphone or laptop. For a business, this is very important as it saves you money which you would have spent on getting new devices that your employees would have used when out of the office.

For Azure, all you need is a good internet connection to have access to your account and dashboard. There are no complicated requirements as you can access your account using your tablet and deploy or even manage your applications. You do not need a powerful computer to do this and thus you are able to get more done anytime of the day.

Saving time

Saving time allows you to get more done in one day. Office 365 apps allow you to save some time especially if you are a person who moves around a lot. You can start working on a Word document in the office on your computer and continue working on the same document on your smartphone when you get into a cab. This is because office 365 allows you to save the documents on the cloud and have access to the same documents on different devices. This means that, with every free time you get, you can continue working as if you were in the office.

Azure also helps you save time if you are using it to build applications. All you need to is to log in to your account and create a virtual machine in minutes and you are ready to go. No need to invest in any new hardware or software that will cost you money. You just log into your account and get started.

No data loss

If you are working on something and for some reason you lose the data, there is not much you can do but to start from the beginning. This eats up a lot of your time which you would have used to be more productive. You end up looking for solutions to recover the data and if you can’t, you just start from the beginning. This is time you will never get back. If you are using Office 365 apps such as Microsoft word, you are able to save your work on the cloud and not having to worry about losing it. Even if you lose your device, you can still have access to the data and this means you are more productive overall.

If you are using Azure, everything is also saved on the cloud and not your physical device. The data is backed up securely so there is not risk of you using it no matter what happens. This allows you to pick up right where you were even when you get a new laptop/PC.

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