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Android Marshmallow Is Installed in Just 1.2% Of All Android Devices

Android Marshmallow

Android’s latest iteration, Android Marshmallow is installed in just 1.2% of all Android devices on the market. This is according to the most recent Android distribution numbers that Google has released. This is a slight jump from a market share of 0.7% that Marshmallow had last month.

Android Marshmallow has been around for months and it is strange to see reach a market share of 1.2%. You can blame the OEMs for not rolling out this update to their devices, this is one of the few ways for this number to go up very fast. The other way is for the OEMs to release new smartphones that come with Android Marshmallow.

Android Marshmallow

Android Distribution

At the top of the market is Android KitKat which has a market share of 35.5%. This is a slight drop from last month when it had a market share of 36.1%. KitKat has been around for over 2 years and for it to still command a huge customer base is not impressive.

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Android Lollipop is still growing and now has a 34.1% market share. This is a slight bump from 32.6% market share it had last month. It is a good thing to see a recent Android iteration growing even if it is not the most recent one. Back in December Lollipop had a market share of 29.5%.

Coming in at number 3 is Android Jelly Bean with a market share of 23.9%, this includes all the three different versions of Android Jelly Bean. Ice Cream Sandwich follows at a distant fourth with a market share of 2.5% with Gingerbread with a market share of 2.7%, Froyo with 0.1% market share.

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