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There Are Currently Over 1 Billion Apple Devices in Active Use Around the World

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Apple is known for its high end and pricey devices that not everyone can afford. With this strategy, the company has seen slow growth (compared to other players) but the good thing is that this growth has been steady. The company is now reporting that there are over 1 billion Apple devices actively being used all over the world.

Apple announced this yesterday as it revealed its quarterly earnings. The company reported positive earnings but this was not enough since the results missed what analysts were expecting.

Still on the 1 billion Apple devices, the company did not breakdown the number on device by device basis but it is safe to assume that most of them are iPhones. Apple ships over 100 million iPhone units every 12 months. Considering not everyone buys a new iPhone every year, it is easy to see how that number can rise much faster.

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Macs, iPads, Apple TVs may also have contributed significantly to this figure but that is hard to tell since Apple has decided to be very secretive with the numbers. Back in November 2014, Apple reported that it sold its 1 billionth iOS device and for it now to have 1 billion active Apple devices on the market right now shows that people are buying Apple devices and using them.

Since Apple mainly focuses on higher profit margins as opposed to number of devices sold, the company must be doing really well with this new revelation. Going forward, we will see if Apple will stick to its strategy or if it will do anything to attract consumers in emerging markets. Apple already tried this with the iPhone 5C which was not very successful.

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