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APP OF THE WEEK: Don’t Screw Up!

Dont Screw Up

App of the week is new weekly series that we here at Tech Arena are taking up in an effort to provide our readers with information on cool apps that they may have no idea actually exist. We will be giving you an app that we think is worth checking out and also give a very brief review of the same here, so with that said, let’s begin.

Don’t Screw Up, apart from having a kind-of weird name, is a rather interesting game. I played it and got a couple of my friends to try it too. The basics are as follows; the game gives you simple instructions that include tapping, double tapping, tripple tapping, swiping and waiting…the twist here is that the wordings are not exactly straight forward and if you don’t give the game your full attention, I don’t think you’ll get more than 3 points


So where exactly does the game’s name, Don’t Screw Up come in? The insults that follow. whether you play this game right or you suck at it, you’ll get insulted…stay a few days away from it and you get an insulting notification just to remid you it is still installed on your phone.

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As you can see from the screenshots above, this game is brutal with its language and if you are having a bad day or you take insults a bit too serious, please don’t try it. If you’re the kind to laugh it off and want a simple game that can stir up laughter and an “nkt” here and there, take your best shot at this game.
Downlaod the game here for Android and here for iOS, and don’t forget to share your comments and screenshots with us.

Do you know a great app you’d like to suggest? Hit us up on social media or on the comment section below and tell us about it.

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