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Should Apple Make a Cheaper Version Of The iPhone 6?

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You have probably seen the images of what people are saying is the iPhone 6C, a cheaper version of the iPhone 6. It’s more like the iPhone 5C which was a cheaper version of the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5C may have been a flop in Kenya but in other markets (read the US), its sales figures were better than expected. Most people expected the iPhone 5C to be a failure but they were all surprised as it ended up selling more units than the BlackBerry.

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Enter the iPhone 6C

The photo at the top of this article is of an iPhone 5C (on the left) and what is believed to be the iPhone 6C (on the right).

So, should Apple go ahead with iPhone 6C plans since the iPhone 5C was a success.  Will the iPhone 6C be successful? Do Apple fans want a cheaper iPhone?

To start with, everyone likes a good deal so if the iPhone 6C is slightly cheaper, it will definitely attract some fans. But the question is, is it worth it?

Visual appeal

iPhones are known for their good looks that will always attract attention. Since the first iPhone, you will agree with me that Apple has always nailed it in terms of design. From the iPhone 5C and now looking at the images of the iPhone 6C, one is left to wonder why the ‘cheap’ design? I don’t like it at all. Even if the phone is meant to be cheap (in Apple standards), more should have been done. Apple needs to come up with a better design or shelve the idea of a ‘cheap’ iPhone.


Even though the iPhone 5C is considered ‘cheap’ it is quite expensive compared to most other Smartphones with the same specs. Compared to the iPhone 5 and even the iPhone 6/6 Plus, the iPhone 5C is quite cheaper. Expect the iPhone 6C to also be ‘cheap’ and will retail at around Ksh 55,000 or more here in Kenya. This is not quite cheap and you are left wondering, why would Apple have such an expensive Smartphone with nothing exciting. If Apple works on the iPhone 6C, they need to make it slightly cheaper or ensure it has some specs that are appealing.

So what do you think, should Apple release a cheaper iPhone version, and what features will you expect?

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