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Online Food Delivery Service, Hellofood, Sees a Change in Food Trends in Kenya


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about food delivery is fast food – pizzas, burgers, fries, chicken or any other cuisine that takes minimal time in preparation and fills you up. Fast food delivery has been one of the ways people purchase a meal easily and at a pocket-friendly price.

Whether you’re a business woman who has no time to leave his desk over lunch or if you’re a single lady who lives alone and is often tasked with preparing a meal for one, or even if you are a group of people in the office who want a change from the regular lunch guy who offers the same repetitive dishes, fast food is known to provide that quick fix that everyone looks for during the course of the day to cure their hunger pangs.

According to a fast food industry analysis, there has been an increased focus on the quality of food served in fast food restaurants. Typically highly processed and industrial in preparation, much of the food is high in fat and has been shown to increase the body mass index (BMI) and cause weight gain. Locally this is not surprising with recent rise of international fast food chains in the city.

All over the world consumers are generally becoming more conscious of their health and residents in Nairobi aren’t being left behind, with many of them choosing to adopt a healthier lifestyle, not only through frequent exercise but through a more careful audit of what kind of meals they consume daily.

“Health consciousness has been a growing trend all around the world. It is also increasingly true in Kenya. Our customers have expressed the need to have healthier food options to order from and so we have chosen to balance our partner restaurants by including those who offer more nutritional value”, said Arnaud Foubert the Managing Director for Hellofood.

One of the many food vendors that has partnered with Hellofood to provide a healthier food option is The Good Food Company (TGFC). They offer a variety of local and international cuisine that promotes fresh and healthy food for their customers.  Their menu varies from lunchboxes that contain different balanced meals from Kenya, Italy, India or the Orient to Sandwiches or Salads for those who are looking to have a light but wholesome lunch or dinner meal.

With these options now available, it is the hope that consumers will not only think of food delivery as an excuse to indulge in fast food all the time, but they will balance out their intake by enjoying a healthy meal every now and then.

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