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Top Five Antivirus Apps for Android


If you have sensitive data on your android Smartphone or you are always downloading a lot of apps (from the play store or sideloading from other sources), you may want to consider downloading an antivirus app for extra protection. Even though Android has its own internal security system, having extra protection does not hurt especially if you have sensitive data or you regularly installing apps not approved in the play store.

Below are top 5 antivirus apps for Android based on my own conclusions. The download link to each app is included at the end of each write up.

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

Building on its PC reputation

Avast for Android

Avast for Android

Avast is well known for its pc antivirus available in both free and paid versions. The free version offers more than you will find on other paid versions of other antivirus apps. With the free versions, you can protect your Android Smartphone against unwanted phishing, spyware, malware and malicious viruses. Security tools such as the virus scanner, network meter, app manager, virus removal, app lock, app manager and firewall protection. Firewall protection works with rooted phone.

With Avast mobile security, your Smartphone will be protected against app vulnerabilities, general infections and Wi-Fi based threats. As someone who has used Avast on PC, the mobile version is the best for me. It offers more security features than I will ever need.

Note: If you have an older/old spec android Smartphone, this app will not work properly.

Download Avast

360 Mobile Security

Why pay for apps and there are free versions

360 Security

360 Security

The 360 mobile security is a free antivirus app that will do everything you get from a paid antivirus app. This is a full featured security app that will scan and remove threats and will clean your Smartphone from any threats. This app has a few extra features that include a memory booster to free up your RAM and speed up your Smartphone, power saver to save on battery, app manager, anti theft  feature and a built in data monitor.

The 360 mobile security is perfect for those who do not want the security apps with locked features that can only be unlocked with paid versions. Keep in mind that this is an ad supported app.

Download 360 Mobile Security

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile security

Offers more than you would have expected from a free app


The TrustGo antivirus & mobile security is 100% free and interesting enough has some of the features you expect to find from a paid version. This security app is robust and simple to use giving users ultimate protection. With this app, you get both antivirus and anti-malware protection. Some of the other features you get from this app include a security scanner to find and remove viruses, malware etc, a secure app search to protect you from downloading risky apps, secure web browsing, data backup, system manger to monitor memory usage, data usage and battery consumption and privacy guard to inform you if there are apps that might be hurting your privacy.

TrustGo also allows you to locate your phone remotely, lock it, set off the alarm or wipe off data. It also has the candid camera thief ID feature which you can use to lock your phone and if someone puts in the wrong password three times, their photos will be taken with the front facing camera and emailed it to you.

Download TrustGo

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Simple app with powerful protection


Bitdefender is one of the leading developers of security apps and the company has a number of apps some paid and some free. This particular version is free and has some of the basic apps the average android user will need. This app is very easy to use and all you have to do is install it, scan your device, find and remove the threats and the app will sit there quietly from this point till it sees a threat.

This is an antivirus, anti-malware and anti-phishing app. This app is very light making it perfect for low spec & entry level Smartphones. I will recommend this app to the Smartphone users who are not as advanced as I am and who prefer a security app that protects them without all the additional (unnecessary features).

Download Bitdefender

AVG AntiVirus Security

All the protection you need


AVG is a well known antivirus developers who built a reputation developing PC antivirus software.  The AVG antivirus for mobile is available in free and paid versions. The basic version has all the basic features you may need such as antivirus, anti-phishing, anti theft features and anti-malware. This may be all the protection you will need depending on how you use your Smartphone.

The paid version has lots of other features such as SIM locking, apps lock and app backup. These features are a must if you have sensitive data on your Smartphone.

Download AVG antivirus


Antivirus apps are very controversial but necessary for the not so average Smartphone users. Whichever app you end up with, make sure it has everything you need based on your usage.  As you have seen above, you do not have to pay for apps as there are free versions that offer the same level of protection.

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