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Apple apologizes For the ios 8 Update Bug releases 8.0.2


Well it looks like Apple was on fire this week,as various rumors both technical and software hitches issues hit the internet and social online Plat forms.The famous #bendgate reigned twitter and Facebook as i phone 6 plus users complained of a weird bending activity on their smart phones.Today Apple responded swiftly to this allegations and said that the “bending thing”,was kinda rare with only less than 10 Users actually having a possibility of experiencing it.

Personally i think it might be a rumor from one of its Major competitors like Samsung to ruin the I phone 6 sales that are doing actually quite impressive and almost better than the Samsung Galaxy S5.In china,the Government has not yet made it official to sell the I phone 6 and 6 Plus,with reports suggesting a possible smuggling by Chinese Citizens living in other states like US,of the I phone 6 to China town to be sold at higher profits.Apple stores are hit with long queues for I phone Boys and Girls lovers,surprisingly most of these ques are composed of Chinese Guys.

However the only drawback in the recent allegations made to Apple,that the Company openly admitted as a mistake was the ios 8 update.The Update had major Problems in Zapping the cellular reception Problem on the Iphone 6 and I phone 6 Plus devices.

Another major bug that got fixed was the Health kit bug that held up compatibility and release of health apps,with Apple only reporting 40,000,I phone 6 and I phone 6 Plus being affected by this.

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