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5 Quick Tips To save a wet Smart Phone

sony xperia z water proof test check

Most of smart Phone lovers have either dropped their Phones in water when doing laundry,dishes or in a toilet.The first steps after this accidents really determine if your Smart Phone will have any chance of making a comeback.Most people really mess up ending short circuiting the device actually killing the Smart Phone and not the water.Check out some Quick easy steps to saving that gadget:

1.Remove it immediately out of the Water.

The longer it stays in water the more damage occurs as water flows inside the device to all its parts and areas.However there is an exception to this as if the Smart phone is connected to a charger,any attempts to remove  it from the water might result to an electrocution.

2.Never attempt to Power it on.97% of all smart phones that actually fell in water and became completely “dead”,was as a result of their owners trying to power on them out of shock and disbelief leading to a short circuit and damage of the Smart Phones mother board system.Instead trying removing the battery immediately.

3.Try Rice or Silica Gel/Absorbent

Yes i am not wrong and this ain’t a typing error.Rice and other absorbents suck out the humidity and water out of the smart Phone or electronic device fast and quickly before any major damage occurs.

4.Use a Vacuum cleaner and not a hair dryer.In-case you haven’t done your shopping and you have no rice or absorbent in your Kitchen,trying using a vacuum cleaner and avoid possibly a hair dryer.Unfortunately most individuals use hair dyers which might actually force moisture and water further into the crevices reaching electronic components in the Smart Phone.

5.Keep Calm and Contact Your Smart Phone Vendor.Its Important to wait for 24 Hrs before having using or trying to use the Smart Phone,in case it fails to work ,you should consult expert or technician help through your local Smart Phone retailer,from where you bought it.


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