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Android L To feature Automated Data Encription

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The issue of mobile phone security and safety of Smart phone and gadget users has for long been ignored and not taken with seriousness it deserves.This has made gadget users vulnerable to online fraud and theft,and hackers who manipulate the lo-gin details of smart phone users,siphoning them off cash and other valuable info.The only Smart phone so far which besides the great hardware and software specs,that has given the thought of security and safety,the Black phone is quite expensive and not a popular to Mobile phone fanatics.

However goggle seeks to change that as the new Android OS Software,the L version will ensure top security,by encrypting the Smart phone data allowing access to the Smart phone/gadget Admin only.Unlike the previous situation where some smart phones had an option of automatically turning on/off the Data encryption feature ,the Android L OS will feature an automated always on feature.

How it Works

An encryption software simply ensures that data from your smartphone/tablet/computer is protected from external intrusion,and in case their is a breach processes that data or info into un useful/gibberish or garbage output.For an intruder to actually decode the encrypted data,obtained then they would require guru tech  skills to crack it n or simply contact the owner/administrator for access.

Nexus 5 on Android L

The push to actually secure its customers(goggle),came as a result of increased cyber and online theft over the years,with a survey showing only 25% of smart phone users with the encryption feature actually know how to use it or even turn it on.

Similar Mobile phone developers like Apple have since then developed their OS,like the IOS 8 that comes fully with data and safety security update to protect the I phone users from scums and scandals like the i cloud scandal.

The encryption issue has been received both warmly and kindly as it involves few minor cons than cons.For example the encryption process is irreversible and,for one to un encrypt their smart phone they would have to factory reset their smart Phone.Other users have complained that the encryption update slows down their devices,but its obvious the benefits overwhelm the drawbacks.

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