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Desktop IM “Chit Chat for Facebook” Still Popular Despite Shift to Mobile

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Over the past year, we’ve seen a radical shift in the instant messaging environment. That change appears even more radical when we look at what’s happened over the last decade.

What has happened so far is the radical shift from desktop instant messaging over to mobile instant messaging in the consumer market.  Indeed you’ll notice that even Facebook has withdrawn from the desktop instant messaging market, just like AIM and Windows Live Messenger before them.

With that said, whilst desktop instant messaging may no longer work for some big players – that doesn’t mean that there isn’t demand for instant messaging on your Windows computer.

Perhaps you’re like me; you prefer to operate from a Windows computer between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. ­

Enter Chit Chat for Facebook; Chit Chat is one of the few remaining instant messaging clients that connects to Facebook chat. Indeed, Chit Chat is a more mature application than Facebook Messenger for Windows. This app as created a couple of years before Facebook Messenger came into existence and thus it is not something that can be overlooked.

Whilst Facebook Messenger for Windows was an excellent application, and did have widespread support, clearly it wasn’t commercially viable for Facebook in the long run. Fans of Facebook Messenger may look to Chit Chat for Facebook as an alternative Facebook instant messenger application for their windows desktop.

Benefits of Chit Chat for Facebook

Excellent Support – Well supported for four years, a relatively mature Facebook Messenger application

Intuitive – Rather than reinvent the wheel, Chit Chat makes use of a tabbed instant messaging interface, and works like pretty much every other popular instant messenger before it

Notifications – Allows you to sit your Facebook instant messenger in the background whilst you focus on your day activities

Boss Mode – press Ctrl + M, and your instant messenger window and buddy list hides!

Download Chit Chat for Facebook.

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