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The Smartwatches Currently In The Market Are All “Pretty Crappy” Says Motorola Executive

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Motorola is preparing itself to get into the Smartwatch world but it does not have nice words to say about the smartwatches currently in the market. To be exact, one Mr. Mark Randall who is a senior executive at Motorola said, “to be honest we think they are all pretty crappy, and aren’t very sexy.”

Motorola can confidently say this about competitors smartwatches as it is currently working on what is going to be the best looking smartwatches when it is unveiled. This smartwatches referred to as the Moto 360 will also be among the first ones to run Android wear, a special Android variant specifically designed for smartwatches.

Mr. Randall even added,” We think people just don’t want to wear a lot of the devices that are out there today.” With the level of confidence Motorola is showing, we sure hope that the Moto 360 turns out good and even better that its fierce rival, the LG G watch.

To be honest, I think he is right, you do not see that many people walking around wearing smartwatches and if you do, the smartwatches do not look appealing. If you have seen the photos of the Moto 360, you will agree with me that it is the best-looking Smartwatch ever. It has a circular design that distinguishes it from all the rectangular smartwatches around. The Moto 360 is also the first Smartwatch that actually looks like a watch that can even be sold to non-tech people.

With all the confidence Motorola is exhibiting, we will have to wait for the Moto 360 and judge from there if it is “sexy” or not.

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