March 26, 2017

App & Software

Google Pixel Phones

Android 7.1.2 Beta Is Currently Rolling Out To Nexus and Pixel Devices

Even as people have started talking about the next Android iteration, Google is still focused on improving Android Nougat as we know it. The company is currently pushing out...

Instagram Live save

You Can Now Save Your Live Instagram Videos to Your Phone

Late last year, Instagram updated its apps to include an option for users to broadcast live to their followers. When the feature was unveiled, users could only broadcast to their...

Google Assistant

Google Assistant Won’t Be Available on Your Tablet Anytime Soon

Last week, Google Assistant started rolling out to all Android smartphones. We first got to see Google Assistant back in 2016 when the first Google Pixel smartphones were...


WhatsApp is Bringing Back Text Status That It Had Removed with the Introduction of Stories

Towards the end of February, WhatsApp introduced the Stories feature that made it possible for users to share photos and videos of what they were up to during the day with their...


Taxi Hailing Apps Comparison: Uber Vs Little

Earlier today, we told you that Uber Kenya is adjusting its rates upwards giving in to the demands of its partner drivers. Uber reduced its rates last year to remain competitive...

Twitter App

As Many as 48 Million Twitter Accounts Could Be Bots

We all know that Twitter is full of bots. Some make the app interesting and useful while other are just annoying. We have never known how many bots are on Twitter till this report...

Uber Kenya

Uber Kenya Gives In To The Demands Of Partner Drivers And Adjusts Its Rates Upwards

If you have used Uber in Kenya within the last month, you may have heard from the partner drivers that some of them have been on strike. The partner drivers raised a number of...

Huawei smartwatch

Android Wear 2.0 is Heading to the Original Huawei Watch

The Huawei Watch was one of the first decent smartwatches to hit the market. This smartwatch came with Android Wear 1.0 as its operating system but will soon get updated with...


ESET discovers Apps on Google Play That Steal Instagram credentials

Instagram users have been the target of several new credential stealing apps, appearing on Google Play as tools for either managing or boosting the number of Instagram followers....


Viber Introduces Secret Chats With Messages That Self Destruct For Extra Privacy

Security is one of the most important things most users look out for when it comes to online messaging platforms. We have seen platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram reveal that...

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