February 24, 2018

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I Used SONGA by Safaricom And This Is What I found out

A couple of days back, Safaricom introduced its latest product, SONGA. This is a music streaming application that the company hopes will be the top music streaming application in...


SONGA is Safaricom’s New Music Streaming App That Will Also Let Artistes Sell Their Music

Music streaming is not that big of a business in Kenya (or most developing countries) as it is in the west. Over here, if not through radio, most people illegally get access to...

Android 8.0 Oreo

Android Oreo Update Expands to More Galaxy S8 Users in Three Different Countries

Late last week, Android Oreo update started seeding to some Galaxy S8 users in Germany. This was the first phase and as I said last week, I expect more users to get the update in...

samsung galaxy s8

Android 8.0 Oreo Has Started Rolling Out to the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has started pushing out Android 8.0 Oreo update to some Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users. The update is rolling out to the devices whose version is SM-G955XXU1CRAP and has...


Microsoft To Axe Windows 10 S in Favor of an “S Mode” for All Windows 10 Versions

Microsoft is planning to do away with Windows 10 S and have it replaced with “S Mode” for all Windows 10 versions. Windows 10 S was the company’s flagship product targeting...


Android Nougat Finally Makes Its Way to the Top of The Android Variants’ Leaderboard

The most recent version of Android, Android Oreo was released sometime in 2017 to be the successor to Android Nougat that we have had since 2016. The interesting thing is that,...

Telegram for ios

Telegram Was Axed from the Apple App Store Because of Child Pornography

Recently, the Telegram app mysteriously disappeared from the Apple App Store and no one was sure why. Well, we now have an explanation as to why this happened. VentureBeat is...

office 2019

Microsoft: You Will Only Be Able to Use Office 2019 If You Are Using Windows 10

If you use Microsoft Office and you still have not upgraded to Windows 10, then this post is for you. The company has just revealed that only those users who have Windows 10 on...

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 display

These are the Samsung Smartphones and Tablets Scheduled to Get Android Oreo

Samsung is yet to update any of its existing devices with Google’s latest mobile OS variant, Android Oreo. This will change soon as the company is believed to be finalizing...


Expect More Ads on Your Instagram Stories

If you are a regular user of Instagram Stories, you should brace yourself to see more ads when using that feature. The company announced this a couple of days ago revealing that...