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Huawei launches AI network access “Open City Plan” to enable network productivity to leap forward

Zhao Dong - Vice President of Huawei Wireless Network Product Line and Chief Marketing Officer

During the 2024 MWC Shanghai, Zhao Dong, Vice President of Huawei Wireless Network Product Line and Chief Marketing Officer, released the AI Network Opening Plan at the 5G-A & AI Roundtable. The plan aims to cooperate with global operators to comprehensively improve network productivity by building a wireless intelligent ecosystem of co-creation, co-existence and co-growth. The first phase of the plan will empower 1,000 site engineers within half a year to manage more than 10,000 sites, covering five cities including Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Bangkok, Jinan and Shenzhen.

After three years of continuous innovation and efforts in the industry, 5G-A has gone from vision to reality, and the first year of commercial use has officially begun. So far, 5G-A has achieved remarkable results in the commercial use of networks, services, and terminals. In response to the increasing complexity of network operation and maintenance, the diversification of network characteristics, and the need for multi-dimensional experience management, Huawei proposed the “Intelligent Network” strategy to build a wireless intelligent body, reshape operation and maintenance, experience, and services, inject intelligence into the 5G-A network, and improve the quality and efficiency of operators. At the same time, the wireless intelligent body is role-oriented, providing an intelligent assistant that supports intelligent question-and-answer assistance; it is scenario-oriented, providing an intelligent agent that supports autonomous closed loops.

Reshape O&M and enable engineers to work in a simple and efficient manner. Huawei has launched the world’s first intelligent assistant for site engineers. Based on massive professional knowledge and experience, it can autonomously generate problem-solving strategies, significantly improving the O&M efficiency of engineers. For example, in optical path troubleshooting, the repair efficiency can be increased by 10 times. Reshape the experience and take over the network to achieve autonomous optimization of both experience and energy saving. The wireless intelligent body realizes an autonomous closed loop of daily network optimization through multi-dimensional high-precision real-time perception, as well as the generation and distribution of optimal experience and energy saving strategies. Huawei and operators have carried out the world’s first wireless intelligent body on-duty pilot, which has currently achieved unmanned operation in 223 cells and has run smoothly for thousands of hours.

Reshape the business and enable diversified business experience management. Real-time evaluation of network resources based on wireless intelligent bodies helps operators achieve zero-wait activation of new services and deterministic experience guarantee, significantly improving user experience. The 5G-A super live package pilot currently underway provides users with deterministic uplink experience rates, accelerating the innovation of operators’ business models such as experience monetization.

Zhao Dong said: “In the AI Network Opening Plan, Huawei will transform from a solution provider to a co-creator of operators’ intelligent networks. Through the symbiosis of intelligent entities and networks, we will provide operators with more extensive business value, accelerate the intelligent transformation of networks, and lead the wireless communications industry into a new intelligent era.”

2024 MWC Shanghai was held in Shanghai, China from June 26 to June 28. Huawei’s exhibition area is located in the E10 and E50 exhibition areas of Hall N1 of the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). 2024 is the first year of 5G-A commercialization; F5G-A, marked by 10G optical networks, has set sail; the coordinated development of “network, cloud and intelligence” is stimulating richer digital experiences and more ubiquitous intelligent applications. Huawei, together with global operators, industry elites, opinion leaders, etc., have in-depth discussions on how to move from a prosperous 5G to a more prosperous 5G-A era, expand new space for operators’ revenue growth, and accelerate the move towards an intelligent world.

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