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How Does Satellite Internet Work

Eutelsat Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Services

The heart of satellite internet is data exchange, which is carried through satellites rotating around the Earth. It provides the best speed connections with efficient communication that other types of internet cannot. Here, we will discuss how satellite internet actually works. 

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What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet works with satellites that orbit the Earth. Unlike ordinary internet cables, satellites carry data signals from space to your place directly. This is very useful, especially when it is difficult or expensive to lay a cable for a regular internet connection.

How Does Satellite Internet Work?

Here is a detailed explanation of how satellite internet actually works: 

Satellites in Space

The main part of satellite internet is the satellites floating around Earth. These satellites have special tools like antennas to send and receive data signals. They are placed in specific orbits around Earth, which helps them cover as much area as possible and minimize the delay between sending and receiving data.

Ground Equipment 

You need ground equipment like a dish, a modem, and some cables to link the dish to the modem. The dish points up to the satellite in space, making a direct connection.

Signal Transmission

Your computer signals the satellite dish when you wish to view something online, such as a webpage or a movie. The dish transmits this signal to the nearest satellite in orbit. The satellite receives the signal and then transmits it back to the NOC on Earth.

Network Operation Centers (NOC)

NOCs are essential for satellite internet. They get signals from satellites, sort them out, and send them to their destination. They do this at a really good speed and make sure everything runs smoothly for users. Also, NOCs keep an eye on the satellites and make sure everything works effectively.

Advantages and Challenges of Satellite Internet 

Satellite internet is a time saver, especially in areas where internet service is unavailable. It provides high speed so that you can do everything from web surfing to emailing. Further, it can reach areas where other internet options cannot, letting more people go online and reducing communication gaps. With the help of the Safaricom speed tester, you can verify your satellite internet connection is working well

However, satellite internet also has some drawbacks. One big problem is latency, which means there’s a delay in sending data between the user and the satellite. Since signals have to travel really far to get to the satellite and back, it can take longer compared to regular internet. It can be tricky for things like playing games online or video chatting when the delay occurs in real-time.

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