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How Non-UK Casinos Promote Safe Gaming in Kenya


The African gambling sector is rapidly developing, and Kenya is one of the primary target markets for numerous international operators. The industry revenue within the country is projected to reach $99.6 billion, while over 57% of 18+ residents reported participating in casinos and betting activities. Such a prevalence of this risky entertainment raises the need for appropriate gambling regulations and specific tools to avoid potential disorders.

Higher accessibility of online casinos in the country increases users’ interest in this pastime. Therefore, gambling addiction rates in Kenya are growing, especially among the younger generation, and this issue must be addressed as soon as possible.

Why Kenyan Players Choose Non-UK Casinos

The country’s legislation allows online gambling and doesn’t restrict foreign operators from entering the Kenyan market. Therefore, locals can easily access numerous international casino sites. Kenya’s Betting Control and Licensing Board only allows licensed platforms complying with all requirements to operate in the country.

The UK online gambling industry is well-developed, so its operators target multiple players in different states. However, these platforms are licensed by the UKGC. The body is known for its strict restrictions and self-exclusion coverage. Many users prefer to get around this tool and take advantage of casinos outside the United Kingdom, with more flexibility and freedom for punters. These platforms are also licenced and regulated by offshore authorities like Curaçao or MGA, so players can be confident they get safe and transparent conditions.

Benefits Non-GamStop Casino Sites

Non-GamStop casinos and sportsbooks provide users with fewer limitations concerning deposit and withdrawal limits, time spent of the platform, and broader market coverage. Members of these betting and gaming sites can enjoy multiple slots from leading providers and juicy bonuses, which undeniably attract Kenyan gamblers’ attention. On the other hand, lots of freedom in online casinos can lead to problematic conditions and quick development of addictions and other related disorders.

Industry Challenges and Threats of Non-UK Casinos

The issue of responsible gambling is relevant in all online and offline gaming establishments in Kenya. While UK platforms covered by self-exclusion can restrict access for those suffering from compulsive behaviours, other websites don’t have such a feature. In this case, reputable operators initiate additional measures to educate their users on a responsible approach to this risky entertainment and ways to prevent the disorder. How do operators and regulatory authorities in Kenya cope with the problem?

Increasing Players’ Awareness of Gambling Harms

Reputable and reliable online casinos operate under the control of regulatory bodies, forcing them to comply with numerous rules. Informing players of possible threats and the importance of self-control on risky websites is among the primary requirements. Therefore, gambling operators have to implement particular deposit limits to avoid customers’ overspending.

Many online casinos and sportsbooks also prefer to engage famous athletes and celebrities to promote a responsible approach to this entertainment. Kenyan players might have noticed numerous collaborations and sponsorship among sports clubs and betting companies. Fans tend to follow their icons’ examples, which is why football stars and other renowned people usually interact with gaming operators.

Providing Access to Gambling Helplines & Support Groups

Multiple non-profit organizations offering assistance for compulsive players operate globally and accept Kenyan residents. Therefore, many non-UK casinos and sportsbooks place details and allow quick access to these helplines, support groups, and treatment centres. Those noticing the first signs of compulsive gaming should consider additional assistance from specialists and start appropriate therapy as soon as possible. 

Sources like Gambling Therapy provide users with timely support and guide them through further treatment. These organizations are available round-the-clock, and every user can contact them with a few clicks via live chat or phone call. The one2one 1190 Hotline is another organization for Kenyan players where they can find advice when noticing the first signs of compulsive gambling.

Implementing AI-Based Technologies

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the real helpers in the online gambling world in 2024. This mechanism allows casino operators to analyse user activities and detect fraudsters and potential compulsive players. AI evaluates customer behaviours and alerts them when noticing suspicious actions like excessive gambling of increased deposits. Even though there’s no self-exclusion to block the problem player, the platform can still inform them of possible threats and recommend taking a break.

Launching Responsible Gambling Advertisement

According to the latest UKGC requirements, casinos’ promotional campaigns must include information on safer gaming. However, platforms operating outside this jurisdiction don’t face the same restrictions. At the same time, the Kenyan government has recently initiated several amendments to casino advertisements. Promoting gambling is forbidden through TV and radio, which is aimed to reduce the harmful industry’s impact on underage individuals.

Kenya’s Betting Control and Licensing Board implies strict guidelines for gambling operators. Every casino company operating in the industry should implement safer gaming messages when promoting their platforms. In this case, locals can learn more about the industry threats and take a more responsible approach to this risky entertainment.

Final Insight

The gambling industry is rapidly developing in Kenya, which forced the local government to launch a special body regulating the sector. Foreign operators can enter the country’s market and provide their services to residents, but they need to comply with numerous requirements.

Non-UK casinos should implement all the available measures, including safer gambling ads, access to treatment programs, and regular notifications to members. Such an approach allows decreasing the number of people affected by addiction and other related disorders. Moreover, it’s the best way to form a healthy attitude to online casinos, especially among youngsters.

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