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Minit Money Launches Affordable Remittance Between South Africa and Zambia

Minit Money

Minit Money, a leading blockchain remittance app, announced the launch of its Southern Africa remittance corridor, enabling Zambians residing in South Africa to send money back home with unprecedented ease and affordability.

Minit Money’s innovative approach leverages blockchain technology to create a user-friendly digital remittance app, revolutionizing the way money is sent across borders. With the newly opened South Africa to Zambia corridor, this fintech solution is set to transform the lives of many, facilitating seamless, fast, and low-cost transactions for the Zambian diaspora community.

The launch of Minit Money’s Southern Africa corridor is more than just a financial milestone; it symbolizes the enduring bond between South Africa and Zambia. Historically, Zambia played a pivotal role in supporting the South African liberation movement during the apartheid era. The relationship between these two nations has flourished over the years, encompassing economic collaborations, infrastructure development, and familial connections, as many Zambians have family members employed in South Africa’s bustling economic hubs.

Minit Money’s commitment to making a positive impact is reflected in its easy-to-use digital remittance app. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Minit Money ensures that sending money becomes a hassle-free, swift, and cost-effective experience. The launch of the South Africa to Zambia corridor is poised to create substantial savings for users, enhance transaction speeds, and offer a seamless user experience.

CEO Angus Brown expressed his enthusiasm at the launch, stating, “We’re delighted to announce the launch of Minit Money’s ability to serve the Zambian diaspora community in South Africa. We have experienced significant growth in our existing corridors, and the Zambia launch marks our first foray into the Southern Africa region.”

This strategic move by Minit Money not only facilitates financial transactions but also strengthens the ties that bind nations. By empowering the Zambian diaspora with an affordable, reliable, and efficient remittance solution, Minit Money contributes to the economic growth and stability of both South Africa and Zambia. It enables families to support one another, invest in education, healthcare, and business ventures, thereby fostering sustainable development.

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