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DPO Pay Affirms Commitment to Financial Inclusion in Tanzania

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In a recent Q&A with Janeth Kwilasa, the Country Manager of DPO Pay in Tanzania, we gained insights into DPO Pay’s experience in the travel and tourism sector, their commitment to security, financial inclusion initiatives, future plans, and their strong presence in various African markets. As a leading payment service provider in Africa, DPO Pay has been instrumental in driving the adoption of digital payments, empowering businesses of all sizes, and contributing to the growth of the regional economy. DPO was recently granted license to operate as a Payment Service Provider by the Bank of Tanzania.

DPO Pay’s Impact in the Travel and Tourism Sector

DPO Pay has firmly established itself as a key player in the travel and tourism industry in Tanzania. Through partnerships with airlines, hotels, online retailers, and logistics companies, the company has enabled secure and efficient payment processing capabilities for businesses across the sector. Some notable partners include global leaders like Amadeus and local carriers such as Precision Air and Flightlink Auric Air, as well as tour operators and hotels like Asilia Africa, Takims Holidays, and Serengeti Balloon Safaris.

DPO Pay’s services encompass a wide range of payment options, including card payments, mobile money, bank transfers, and e-wallets, catering to the diverse preferences of customers in the region. By supporting the tourism industry’s digital transformation, DPO Pay is not only facilitating seamless transactions but also contributing to job creation and economic development in Tanzania.

Ensuring Security and Data Protection:

The security of transactions and the protection of sensitive information are paramount to DPO Pay. As a testament to their commitment, the company is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, meeting international security standards and obtaining certification to handle card details securely. Furthermore, DPO Pay has implemented a sophisticated two-tier security system managed by expertly trained fraud and risk teams, ensuring comprehensive fraud prevention and risk management across all their services.

Additionally, DPO Pay complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is regulated by the central bank, ensuring that the highest standards of data protection and security are adhered to.

Driving Financial Inclusion in Tanzania:

DPO Pay’s initiatives have played a significant role in promoting financial inclusion in Tanzania. By enabling digital payments, they provide access to the formal economy for customers without traditional banking services. This accessibility fosters greater opportunities for merchants as well. DPO Pay offers a variety of solutions that empower businesses of all sizes:

  • Online Payment Solutions: DPO Pay offers comprehensive online payment solutions, including secure payment gateways, integration with popular shopping carts, and fraud prevention mechanisms, ensuring a smooth and secure online payment experience for businesses and customers.
  • Risk Management: Advanced security measures and compliance protocols help businesses manage risks associated with payments, safeguarding transactions, and protecting against potential financial losses.
  • Financial Services: DPO Pay provides additional financial services such as working capital loans and merchant cash advances, supporting business growth and expansion plans.
  • Cross-Border Payments: By facilitating cross-border payments and offering multiple currencies and localized payment options, DPO Pay helps businesses overcome barriers and streamline global transactions.

Future Plans and Expansion

DPO Pay is continually striving to enhance its services and tailor solutions to meet merchants’ needs. One of their upcoming developments includes the introduction of an East Scan payment feature, allowing merchants to scan QR codes for seamless payments.

With operations in 20 African markets, including Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, and South Africa, DPO Pay has gained invaluable experience and recognition in diverse African markets. This extensive presence benefits their success in Tanzania in multiple ways:

  • Market Understanding: DPO Pay’s deep understanding of the African business landscape enables them to customize solutions that meet Tanzania’s specific needs.
  • Trust and Credibility: Their reputation as a trusted and reliable payment service provider enhances their credibility in Tanzania.
  • Regional Expertise: DPO Pay’s regional expertise allows them to offer valuable advice and guidance to businesses, optimizing payment operations and navigating local market dynamics.
  • Network Effects: Their extensive network of merchants, partners, and financial institutions facilitates seamless cross-border transactions and fosters a supportive ecosystem for collaboration and growth.
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