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Vivajets Unveils Fractional Aircraft Ownership Service, Commits to Business Connectivity in Africa


Nigerian business aviation company, Vivajets, has rolled out a set of innovative product offerings at a recent international conference held by the company in Lagos. The organization also released a guide on fractional aircraft ownership, a specialized service that enables customers to become part owners of an aircraft.

As Africa evolves through an increase in population, innovation and enterprise, new business leaders have emerged and business aviation has become crucial in enhancing their efficiency. Business aviation, therefore, has the potential to stimulate African economic development alongside increased connectivity across the continent. Vivajets is positioning itself to meet this rising demand on the continent with a full range of services including aircraft management services, fractional ownership opportunities, and aircraft sales and acquisition. Vivajets is one of the brands under Falcon Aerospace Group, alongside digital platforms, CharterXE and FlyPJX.

“Vivajets is beyond a company. We are a young and dynamic organization, born out of the need to bring Africans together, facilitate regional connectivity, and empower African growth and renaissance,” said CEO, Chukwuerika Achum.

“We want to be part of the new African story. We want to support the next set of people who will retell the continent’s story. We believe that our business strategy and culture will help facilitate and accelerate Africa’s integration.”

We are a young and dynamic organization, born out of the need to bring Africans together, facilitate regional connectivity, and empower African growth and renaissance

According to Achum, Vivajets currently operates a number of international routes on chartered flights from its current base in Lagos. Destinations include London, Accra and Abidjan, with a range of operational strategies designed to improve travel efficiency, reduce travel time, maximize aircraft, and make business aviation more accessible and affordable.

The Head of Business Excellence, Tejumade Salami, describes the corporate culture at Vivajets as ‘dynamic, innovative, and friendly’.

“Building an excellent corporate culture starts with recruitment. At Vivajets we try to ensure that we recruit a set of people that have mindsets related to our work culture.

“In our operations, we drive the ideology of safety. We have created a space for people who are mindful of the safety of our passengers, crew and aircraft. We are also a customer and innovation-oriented organization. We are constantly researching new ways to solve our customers’ needs and improve operational efficiency,” Salami added.

“Technology plays a crucial role in the way we operate and offer our services at Vivajets. The culture of innovation and technology use permeates our business as well as corporate culture,” said Head of Products and Innovation, Basil Agbor Bessong.

 “Through technology, we are able to maintain a lean team and work collaboratively from anywhere in the world. We have also developed digital platforms to improve customers’ access to our services.”

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