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Binance to Airdrop up to $500,000 in BNB to Users in Libya to Support Flood Recover


In response to the devastation caused by the recent floods in Libya, Binance will airdrop BNB worth USD $100 to all Binance users who have completed Proof of Address (POA) in Libya.

Identification of the users will be based on POA completed before 11th September 2023 across the country.

Users who have completed POA before 11th September 2023 will each receive $100 in BNB directly in their Binance account. For any existing user who completes POA after 11th September 2023 and before 30th September 2023, we will donate $25 in BNB directly to your Binance account. Furthermore, all active transacting users across Libya will receive $10 in BNB.

Funds will reach our users starting 13th September, 2023. While the POA method has its limitations and inaccuracies, it is the best method we have available for us to locate potentially impacted users. With a commitment of up to $500,000 in BNB, we expect to support around 13,000 users directly with these efforts.

In the aftermath of natural disasters, people often lose access to traditional banking at the exact moment when extra funds are needed to help cover medical supplies, food and other essential needs.

Crypto transfers are now increasingly being used to deliver financial aid to disaster victims as they provide fast, low-cost, borderless and transparent transactions.

Binance Charity has also launched a public donation address for anyone to donate. For everything we receive on this address, we will donate the total crypto amount to an authorized NGO (to be named soon) to help people in need. Donations will be accepted in BNB, BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, or BUSD.

In these difficult times, Binance stands by our users and we will continue to work on additional ways to help our community in Libya. Binance has also provided recent support to users in Ukraine, Turkey and Morocco.

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