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Kenya Power pilots Smart Poles that support the provision of high-speed internet connectivity

In an effort to meet the increasing demand for high-speed internet connectivity and diversify its revenue streams, Kenya Power has embarked on a pilot project to install special utility poles known as Smart Poles. These poles will provide an alternative solution for deploying last-mile data networks using wireless technologies, benefiting both Kenya Power and telecommunications service providers. The pilot project, currently being carried out in partnership with Safaricom, aims to enhance data coverage and capacity while addressing signal dropouts.


As the demand for internet services continues to rise, telecommunication service providers face the challenge of expanding last-mile data networks. By leasing space on these poles, telecom companies can enhance their data coverage, capacity, and overall service quality. The pilot project, conducted at six locations in Nairobi, will pave the way for the installation of Smart Poles throughout Kenya Power’s overhead network.

The deployment of Smart Poles brings a number of benefits and opportunities. Firstly, it allows Kenya Power to diversify its revenue sources by leasing pole space to telecom service providers. This diversification strategy ensures a sustainable future for Kenya Power while reducing reliance solely on electricity sales.

Secondly, the increased availability of high-speed internet connectivity provided by Smart Poles opens up new opportunities for businesses, institutions, and individuals.

Through partnership with the Ministry of ICT , Kenya Power aims to leverage its extensive network and fiber capacity to provide affordable internet connectivity infrastructure to public institutions. Schools and hospitals, in particular, will benefit from this initiative, enabling them to access vital educational resources, telemedicine services, and other digital platforms at a reasonable cost.

In addition to revenue diversification and improved internet connectivity, the smart poles project provides valuable insights for Kenya Power’s broader objective of fully automating the grid. Automation offers numerous advantages, including enhanced system efficiency and better customer service. Kenya Power has already taken significant strides in this direction by automating medium voltage line switches in the Nairobi metropolitan counties of Kajiado, Kiambu, and Machakos.

Furthermore, the implementation of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project has proven instrumental in protecting revenue and ensuring accurate meter readings. The installation of smart meters in SME premises, along with the establishment of meter data control centers, has led to increased sales, timely billing, and reduced energy pilferage.

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