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Ampersand Empowers Sustainable Transportation with 1,000 Electric Motorcycles in Rwanda and Kenya

Ampersand Electric bikes kenya

Ampersand, an integrated electric motorcycle and transport energy solution, has achieved a significant milestone in its mission to provide sustainable mobility solutions in Kenya and Rwanda. With over 1,000 electric motorcycles on the roads of both countries, Ampersand has emerged as the largest electric motorcycle company in Africa. Through its innovative battery swap stations and commitment to green technology, Ampersand is revolutionizing transportation while addressing the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions.

Since launching its first electric motorcycles and battery swap stations four years ago, Ampersand has made remarkable progress. The company’s electric motorcycles offer a reliable, climate-friendly, and cost-effective mode of transportation, earning the trust and acceptance of the local community. Not only do riders benefit from reduced fuel and maintenance costs, but they also contribute to a significant reduction in harmful carbon emissions. With the goal of reaching 3,000 electric motorcycles by the end of 2023, Ampersand’s impact is set to expand further, providing even more sustainable mobility options for East Africans.

Ampersand’s expanding network of 25 battery-swap stations across Kenya and Rwanda plays a vital role in promoting the adoption of electric motorcycles. These stations allow riders to exchange depleted batteries for fully charged ones in just two minutes, eliminating the need for lengthy recharging times. By working exclusively with commercial delivery and taxi motorcycle drivers, Ampersand ensures that riders experience a seamless transition to electric vehicles while benefiting from increased earnings. On average, these drivers earn 50% more compared to their counterparts using petrol bikes due to substantial fuel and maintenance savings.

Ampersand’s success can be attributed to its commitment to research and development. It is the only company in Africa that commercially develops and manufactures battery packs for motorcycles locally, thus creating green job opportunities. By combining their reliable and smart battery packs with low-cost swap stations and advanced battery fleet software, Ampersand has established a highly efficient and affordable transportation solution. Ampersand riders experience lower costs per kilometer than fuel-powered motorcycles or any other electric motorcycle available in the market.

Transportation is a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, making sustainable mobility crucial in combating climate change. Ampersand’s electric motorcycles not only reduce emissions but also alleviate air and sound pollution. Additionally, this shift towards electric transportation offers cost savings to African economies, riders, and commuters. By reducing reliance on volatile energy markets, Ampersand is fostering a more resilient transportation economy.

Ampersand acknowledges the importance of partnerships in driving its mission forward. Collaborations with fuel network operators like Total Energies and SP have played a critical role in expanding Ampersand’s network and reaching new customers. These partnerships also support the company’s vision of transforming Africa’s existing transport energy infrastructure into a low-carbon future. Furthermore, Ampersand acknowledges the supportive policies in East Africa, particularly in Rwanda and soon in Kenya, which have created an enabling environment for its growth.

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