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Steps to take when your Facebook page is hacked

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If you have been on social media the last few days, you may have heard that the Facebook Page affiliated with Kabarak University was hacked. The verified page with more than 40k likes and 70k followers is now controlled by an unknown individual who has been posting some weird stuff not approved by the University. The university is yet to get the page back for some reason and I am not sure if they have reached out to Facebook for assistance.

With that said, I figured that I should share a post to help those who find themselves in a similar situation. If your Facebook page is hacked, it can be a frustrating and even frightening experience. Below are some steps you can take to recover your account if it is hacked.

Try to regain access to your account and change the password

If you suspect that your Facebook page has been hacked, the first thing you should do is try to regain access to your account. To do this, go to the Facebook login page and click on the “Forgot Password” link. Follow the instructions to reset your password. Make sure that you choose a strong password that includes a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Enable Two Factor Authentication if you want an extra layer of security.

Check your email account

After resetting your password, you should check your email account associated with your Facebook page. Look for any emails that you did not send or authorize. If you see any suspicious activity, change the password for your email account as well. It is generally good at this point to change the password of your email and even enable Two Factor Authentication. This is to make sure no one has access to your email address and if they do, they will be kicked out.

Report the hack to Facebook

If you still can’t access your Facebook account after resetting your password, you should report the hack to Facebook. To do this, go to the Facebook Help Center and click on the “Report a Login Issue” link. Follow the instructions to report the hack. Facebook will then send you an email with instructions on how to recover your account. If you are running a page for an institution, try to reach out to Facebook directly via email and ask for assistance.

Secure your account

Once you have regained access to your Facebook account, you should take steps to secure it. This includes changing your password and enabling two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring a second form of authentication, such as a code sent to your phone, when you log in.

Remove any suspicious apps

Hackers often use third-party apps to access Facebook accounts. If you suspect that your Facebook page has been hacked, you should remove any suspicious apps that you don’t recognize. To do this, go to your Facebook settings and click on the “Apps and Websites” link. From there, you can view and remove any apps that you don’t recognize or that you no longer use.

Step 7: Stay vigilant

After your Facebook page has been hacked, it’s important to stay vigilant. Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity on your account, such as unauthorized logins or messages sent from your account that you did not send. If you see anything suspicious, report it to Facebook immediately.

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