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TV Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect TV for Your Home


Choosing the perfect TV for your home can be a daunting task. With so many options available on the market, you may be confused as to which one is perfect for you.

With all the terminologies being thrown around when it comes to TVs, you may be wondering if you should you get OLED, How is OLED different from LED? This post will cover some of these things and help you choose the best one for you.

The post will not specifically tell you the TV to get but will guide you to choosing the perfect one for your home.

Settle on the Price

To have an easier time choosing the perfect TV, decide on your budget and how much you are willing to part with. With many different TVs available on the market, knowing how much you have to spend makes the entire process easier.

Prices vary depending on the display technology and size with a 50 in OLED TV not costing the same as a 50 inch NanoCell TV. If you have the price locked, you can then decide which other features and technologies fit right into your needs.

Choose the Right TV Size

When it comes to TVs, the bigger it is, the better.  When thinking about the size, you have to think about the room where the TV will be in and how many people you have in your house. You should pick the size that will comfortably fit into your space and budget. In my opinion, the sweet size for most space is between 43 and 65 inches. LG has sizes within this range for their different TV technologies from LEDs, UHDs, NanoCell, QNED and OLED units.

The size of the screen you chose also depends on how close you are planning to sit to the TV. If you are sitting too close, then choose a smaller size. On the other hand, if you have a bigger room and will be sitting quite far from the TV, choose a bigger screen.

Content You Intend to Watch

When buying a new TV, the content you intend to watch matters.

For Movies: If you are planning to binge watch movies most of the times, the LG UHD TV is perfect for you.

This TV is available in a number of sizes from 65 inches all the way to 85 inches. The reason why this TV is perfect for movie watching is because it offers AI Picture, Auto Genre selection, 4K Upscaling, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos, AI Sound, AI Acoustic tuning, TV Sound Mode share and Bluetooth surround ready. These are the main things that matter when watching movies. In addition to the mentioned features, the LG UHD TV has an IPS display with wide viewing angles and this means that you can easily see what is on the display different sitting positions in your house. The bigger sizes offer a true cinema experience.

Besides the LG UHD TV, these features can also be found on the LG NanoCell and LG OLED TVs. With that said, these two TVs are also perfect for watching movies.

For Sports: If you are into Sports, the LG NanoCell TVs are perfect for you. They provide high picture quality thanks to the nanocell technology that Purifies colors to deliver the real picture quality taking you close to the action. The AI Processor that powers these TVs also aid in this as they help to upscale your picture quality. The NanoCell TVs have the ThinQ Sports Alert option that helps you keep track of all your favourite teams and receive notifications when their games are about to start. Through this feature, you can also get real-time scoring alerts and even final scoring results while you are watching other content.

For Gaming: As for the gamers, there is something for you too. The best option for you will be the LG OLED TVs available in different sizes from 50 to 77 inches. LG OLED TVs are perfect for gamers as their panels have 8.3M Self Lighting Pixels that deliver the Best TV Experience. They also feature the α9 Gen4 AI Processor that helps to upscale your picture quality for a Clearer and smoother Gaming experience.


The perfect TV for your room depends on your budget, the room you will have the TV in and the content you will be watching on the TV. With these three things you will be able to narrow down on the specific one that suits your needs.

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