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Five Reasons Why You Should Download the new mySafaricom App

new mySafaricom app

The new MySafaricom app has been out for a while available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This new app replaces the old one that was first introduced back in 2016 to provide smartphone users with a convenient way to interact with the services Safaricom offers.

The new MySafaricom app is not just an updated version of the older one. Yes, some of the features available on the old are available on this app but this new one was built from the ground up. You can download the app from the Google Play Store if you are on Android and the Apple App Store if you are on iOS. The app has been on beta for a while (since February) and it looks like Safaricom has ironed everything out and that is why it is rolling it out to the public.

The new MySafaricom app has a number of new features and at the same time gives users better control oF how they can access some of the frequently used products and services. This means that you may not have the same home page as everyone else as you can customize it to have some of the products you use regularly. For example, if you use the bill manager regularly, you can pin it on the home page for easy access when you open the app.

If you are still wondering why you should download this new app on your phone, I have five reasons that might help you decide that.

Free 500MB of Data

If you are like me, you need data and lots of it every single day. Safaricom is giving those who download the new app 500MB of data for free to use as they wish. All You have to do is head over to the Play store or the App store, download the app, activate it and you get the free data, no strings attached and no questions asked.

Access to eNewspapers

Want to keep up with the latest news? You can do this in the new mySafaricom app by opening it up and tapping on the ‘Discover’ tab and then choose ‘Start reading’. You will see a list of available eNewspapers (Nation, The Star, Business Daily etc) that you can get access to from as little as Ksh 20 per day. You can pay once and or choose the auto renew option if you want to get the ePaper every single day. You also have an option of paying for a weekly or a monthly access.

The eNewspaper that you buy will be available under your subscriptions for you to come back to them later.

Scan Scratch Cards

Even though they are not widely used these days as they were before, scratch cards are still around and some people actually prefer them. Loading airtime using your scratch card can be a hectic process as you have to make sure you type all the digits correctly.

With the new mySafaricom app, you do not have to go through all this as you can just scan the scratch card and you are good to go.

Share M-Pesa Transaction Messages

If you have ever used Lipa na M-Pesa, then you know some vendors will want to see the M-Pesa confirmation message you receive. They then look and write down the transaction code and even the time of the transaction. In these cases, they can see your M-Pesa balance which is not something everyone is comfortable with.

On the new app, once the transaction is successful, you get the confirmation on the app and can show the vendor that particular pop up confirmation and not the actual M-pesa message. With this, they do not get to see your balance. You can also share that message and send it to them via text or any other messaging platform you prefer and this will not include your M-Pesa balance.

Granular M-Pesa Data

Have you ever been curious how much money goes through your M-Pesa account? With the updated app, that information is presented in a simple granular manner that gives you all the key information you may need.

This information can help you decide where to cut costs if you feel like you spend so much money on a particular service.

Download the mySafaricom app on Android

Download the mySafaricom app on iOS.

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