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A Few Things You Need to Know About the Revamped Safaricom PostPay Option

Safaricom postpay

Earlier today, Safaricom unveiled their new revamped PostPay package that you may have heard about. For the longest time, Safaricom PostPsy has been seen as an exclusive product for the select few. This is not the case at all as it tends to offer really good value for money if you make a good number of calls every month.

I have never been attracted to any PostPay offering in Kenya as I always thought the products are not well constituted and to be honest not for me. This changed last year when I tried Safaricom Platinum. It gave me the peace of mind of paying once a month and getting minutes, texts and data for the whole month. I do not have to think about loading credit every other time I want to use my phone.

This is why I was interested to see what the new Safaricom PostPay has to offer.

Revamped Safaricom PostPay

The basic aspects of the new PostPay packages remain the same as before. You choose the package you want and pay one a month. I will highlight the different packages below.

With each package, you get a certain amount of data allocated to you, minutes you can use for local and international calls and Unlimited SMS. The new plans are available on a 30-day basis and one unique thing is that if you have any unused resources, they will be carried to the following month. This is honestly good value for money and is the selling point that makes the product attractive to me.

With Safaricom Platinum, if I have any unused resources, they are automatically exhausted by the end of every month.

New Safaricom PostPay Packages and Rates           

Right now you may be wondering what packages you may be getting and how much you will be paying. Below is a look at the different available packages.

PostPay PlansMinutesDataSMS Amount
PostPay 1k4005GBUnlimited*(Subject to FUP capped at 1000SMS)1,000
PostPay 2k100015GBUnlimited*(Subject to FUP capped at 2000SMS)2,000
PostPay 3k150025GBUnlimited*(Subject to FUP capped at 3000SMS)3,000
PostPay 5k2500Unlimited*Speed to reduce to 1 MBPS after 50GBUnlimited*(capped at 5000SMS)5,000
PostPay 10kUnlimited*Capped at 10000 minutesUnlimited*Speed to reduce to 1 MBPS after 100GB Unlimited*(Subject to FUP capped at 10000SMS)10,000

How to Subscribe to Safaricom PostPay

To get started, you can use the mySafaricom app, online through Safaricom.com or through USSD (*544#) and selecting Join PostPay. You can choose the package you want or you can decide not to select any plan at first. With this option, you will be charged Ksh 4.30 for calls and data used and get your bill at the end of the billing cycle (30 days).

There will be an option to setting a limit so as to stay within a budget and avoid overspending.

Comparison with platinum

Just for some perspective, I had to compare the new PostPay rates with Safaricom Platinum to help you see if you are getting good value for your money.

New Revamped PostPaySafaricom Platinum (auto renew) Amount
400 minutes,
5GB data,
unlimited texts capped at 1000 SMS
1000 minutes,
15 GB data,
unlimited texts capped at 2000 SMS
600 minutes,
15GB data,
unlimited SMS + WhatsApp
1500 minutes,
25GB data,
unlimited texts capped at 3000 SMS
1000 minutes,
unlimited SMS + WhatsApp
2500 minutes,
unlimited dats capped at 50GB,
unlimited texts capped at 5000 SMS
1500 minutes,
50GB data,
unlimited SMS + WhatsApp
unlimited minutes capped at 10000 minutes,
unlimited data capped at 100 GB,
unlimited texts capped at 10,000 SMS
2000 minutes,
10GB data,
unlimited SMS + WhatsApp

For the new Ksh 5,000 option, data is capped at 50GB and after that, the speeds reduce to 1 MBPS, for the Ksh 10,000 option, data is capped at 100GB and after that speed reduces to 1 MBPS.

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