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Here’s Why Removable Batteries are Almost Becoming Extinct in Smartphones

Itel S32 LTE battery

Taking a look back at the mobile phone industry, some 10-15 years down the line, non-removable batteries were not as common as they are right now. Manufacturers are now moving away from removable batteries to non-removable ones. So is this just a gimmick or is there any importance of doing away with them?

See, it’s all about priorities and especially in the smartphone industry priorities do matter. From time to time, the consumer market changes and companies have to work and meet them to also make their cut in terms of revenue.

But the fact remains –I’ve observed with smartphone consumers –smartphone users are the neediest consumers in most –if not all –technology-related industries.

So smartphone makers are also adopting by fulfilling these needs –the only ticket to revenue.

One of the major trade-offs for non-swappable batteries has been smartphone design. When you take a look for example at Samsung’s old Galaxy Note 5 and compare it with the blazing Galaxy Note 7, the design trend experienced a shift –though not much, but was just enough at the moment. I’m not saying that was the only reason though. But opting for non-removable batteries have opened a new era of sleek smartphone designs.

Removable batteries also take much space on the phone. For your information, removable batteries needed an extra layer of protection, which in turn adds more weight and chunk on the smartphone. Thus adopting non-removable batteries dumps the need for the extra layer of protection, which has played a part in smartphone makers achieving even thinner and lightweight devices.

To further optimize how the space inside smartphones is used, manufacturers have even changed the design of the batteries inside gadgets by incorporating non-rectangular battery designs. Removable batteries adopted a square-ish or rectangular design only for easy installation and replacement process.

Microsoft Lumia 550 battery
Microsoft Lumia 550 battery

Much of this space saved is what is being utilized to add more features in smartphones like more sensors, a limitless number of cameras, and even face detection but at the same time achieving a minimal thin, sleek design.

And if you still think removable batteries are cool take a look at power banks. Power banks also rendered it needless to carry a charged spare battery alongside as your backup. But we cannot entirely despise removable batteries in smartphones. Non-removable batteries have their inconveniences too.

One major disadvantage of inbuilt batteries in most cases is when the battery spoils the phone often dies along with it. Besides, the replacement of in-built batteries also requires expertise. But generally speaking, I’m in for non-removable batteries. If you are still in for smartphones with removable batteries I’m glad to inform you that there are still smartphones having them.

How do you feel about manufacturers ditching non-removable batteries? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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