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Opera for Android Makes It Easier to Block Ads on Individual Websites

Opera for Android

Ad blocking has been around and will stick with us as long as those websites with annoying ads exist. For most publishers, ad blocking is one of the worst things web visitors can do and in some cases certain websites will prevent you from accessing them if you have an ad blocker enabled.  

Opera for Android has just been updated to give users an easier way to block ads on specific websites. Opera has had a similar option for its desktop browser for years and now it will be available to Android users.

This new ad blocker is bundled up in Opera for Android version 50 that is available on the Google Play Store. Having an ad blocker integrated into your browser is way better in my opinion as opposed to downloading a third-party ad blocker. With the latest version of Opera for Android, the ad blocker makes it easier to block and unblock ads on a per-site basis. As a publisher, this is good news as I know the ads on this website will not be blocked unless they end up being annoying.

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If you happen to land on a website with annoying ads that you do not want to see, you will have the option of blocking those ads. If you navigate to another website, you will be able to see ads on the new page as you had only blocked ads on the previous website and not the one you are currently on. One thing to note is that some websites will break and prevent you from accessing them with the ad blocker enabled and having an option to unblock them without unblocking all the other sites is a way better option.

To block ads on a web page you are on, just tap on the green lock icon on Opera’s search bar and then tap on the option to exclude or include the site from ad blocking. This is a simple process that does not force you to jump through hoops just to block ads on a web page.

Picture-In-Picture and Dark Mode

With Opera for Android version 50, you are also getting picture-in-picture support for videos. This option is available to those using Android 8 Oreo or a later version. The update also brings better support for dark themes even when viewing PDF files and documents.

If you are interested in these features and many more, you can download Opera for Android here.

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