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Telkom Kenya Data Bundles and Their Validity

Telkom kenya bundles

Telkom Kenya has been aggressively pushing its data products and I thought it is a good idea to list down the Telkom Kenya data bundles and their validity period for those who may be interested. Telkom Kenya has 4G coverage in certain parts of this country and it’s a serious competitor to Safaricom in the data department. For a very long time, Safaricom had better speeds and coverage given that its main competitor, Airtel, had not rolled out 4G in Kenya.

Telkom Kenya data bundles are meant to be affordable compared to Safaricom as the company sees this as the best strategy to compete. This is all good for the users as competition will always bring prices down or even lead to the introduction of products that were not there before. Even though this is the case, the biggest issue that has been raised is network coverage. Safaricom has quite a big presence in Kenya when you look at 4G coverage. Telkom Kenya introduced 4G to its users not so log ago and right now it is not available in all corners of this world. Safaricom may use this to show customers that it has the better product.

Telkom Kenya knows that data is an important aspect these days and that is why the company made sure it had 4G in Kenya before Airtel. Airtel Kenya only upgraded its network a week ago and this means that Telkom was the second network provider in Kenya to roll out 4G.

Below are Telkom Kenya data bundle rates and validity.

Daily 25 MB1 day of validityKSh 9
Daily 80 MB1 day of validityKSh 19
Weekly 40 MB7 days of validityKSh 19
Weekly 150 MB7 days of validityKSh 49
Weekly 400 MB7 days of validityKSh 99
XL Weekly 12 GB7 days of validityKSh 990
Monthly 1 GB30 days of validityKSh 249

As you can se above, Telkom Kenya is quite affordable. The question is, is this enough to get people to its network? And how is coverage across the country? These are the things that will determine its success or failure.

Below are a few things you may want to know about Telkom Kenya data options.

  • To subscribe to a data bundle, dial *544#
  • Daily Bundles are valid for 24hrs
  • Weekly bundles are valid for 7 Days
  • Monthly bundles are valid for 30 days.
  • Only Daily 25MB has an auto renewal
  • You can cancel auto renewal by dialling *544#
  • You can check data bundle balance by dialling *131#
  • you can subscribe to the same bundle, a lower or higher bundle before the expiry of your existing bundle.
    • Once you subscribe to a new Daily Bundle before the expiry of your existing bundle, the new daily data bundle balance will accumulate onto the existing balance.
    • Once you subscribe to a new Weekly/Monthly bundle before the expiry of your existing data bundle, the new Weekly/Monthly data bundle balance will accumulate onto the existing balance.
  • Any unutilized data bundle will be forfeited

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