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Smartphones for Smarter Youth: LG stays ahead of changing needs of millennials

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If you didn’t snap it, did it even happen? If you haven’t filtered that photo once or twice before sharing on Facebook or Instagram, is it worth being on social media?


These are the questions that today’s young people are grappling with in this age of digital revolution. “Telling” your life’s story is no longer enough, “showing” it is the new ‘normal’. You have to be seen.

This has caused the idea of FOMO (fear of missing out) to firmly take root in young people’s lives leading to a shift of priorities for smartphone manufacturers targeting millennials.

Camera quality key

While initial smartphone innovations focused heavily on collaboration and achieving more from a device, the rise and rise of social media has changed the dynamics of what is important.

Delivering intuitive features and applications that help users capture, edit, create and share their memorable moments has now surpassed email or network connectivity in importance.

The more smartphones become the source of influencing behaviour and opinions on social media, the more quality photography becomes the medium of social communication. Pictures are now literally worth a thousand words and users want to improve the quality of the content they capture.

LG Electronics has therefore had to broaden the limits of innovation when designing smartphones that fit the user imaging needs in order to satisfy customer’s longing for everyday story-showing.

The LG V30 is one such device that features many industry innovations, including the first F1.6 aperture and glass lens in a smartphone camera, the ability to produce near professional quality movies and videos by shooting in LG-Cine Log format and the smartphone industry’s first OLED display in Full Vision format.

The ‘I-reporter’

Anyone with a decent smartphone has subsequently been transformed into a potential reporter. News sites now allow ordinary citizens from around the globe to contribute pictures and videos related to news of any sort.

With the LG’s V30 designed to allow the average user to take professional-quality photos without investing in expensive equipment, authentic content creation is now possible and amazingly price competitive.

In an age where anyone can broadcast at any time, these features, coupled with wireless charging extended power profile in the LG V30, the smartphone becomes an ideal companion to a plugged-in, active user base.

The future is visual

Moses Marji, Head of Marketing LG East Africa believes that smartphone photography will continue growing in popularity, disrupting traditional camera use in the process.

Image- and video-hosting website Flickr recently released its 2017 year-in-review data, revealing that smartphones were the No. 1 type of camera used on the platform, accounting for exactly half of all the uploads.

“Phones have changed the way we interact with each other and as LG, we have ensured that our mobile devices give you camera quality that is not only good enough but that which can match up to the international standards of imaging while remaining user-friendly”, said Mr. Marji.

Combined with the mobility offered by being the lightest smartphone in its category and the usability of Google’s voice recognition service, the V30 makes it possible for anyone to not only tell but show their stories.

The smartphone is slowly changing the world of social media one snap at a time.

In response to the ever-changing market needs and the quest to improve the user experience, LG Electronics will continue pushing the limits of smartphone imaging innovation while enhancing the signature elegant design of its devices.

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