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iOS 11 Is Installed in More Than 50% Of All iPhones and iPads on the Market

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If you know anything about iOS, then you know that the rate of adoption of its latest versions is usually the highest. Just last month, we saw iOS 11 overtake iOS 10 to become the most popular version of the OS out there. At the time, it was installed in about 47% of all iOS devices. This is impressive for an operating system that was officially released to the public in September.

It is a new month and iOS 11 has attracted more users and its market share now stands at 52%. With over half of all iPhones and iPads running it latest OS that has been around for almost three months is good news for Apple. These are the numbers Google hopes to see on Android but it just never happens.

Even though iOS 11 adoption is above 50%, it is still slow compared to what we saw with iOS 10 last year. By the end of October 2016, iOS 10 was installed in 60% of all compatible devices.

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The main reason why we may be seeing this slow adoption may have something to do with the devices Apple will be supporting going forward. Apple said that it will not be supporting the iPhone 5 and 5c, iPad 4 and earlier devices. These devices are running iOS 10 and maybe those using them are waiting for the iPhone X to decide if they are upgrading or not.

Another reason may be that those who own the older devices may not get the iPhone X and do not see the iPhone 8 as an option right now. They will probably wait for the next iPhone next year and will therefore continue using iOS 10 for the next year.

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