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Infinix S2 Pro First Impressions and Introduction to The ‘Wefie’ Camera

Infinix S2 Pro unboxing 1

The latest smartphones from Infinix to be launched in Kenya is the S2 Pro, it is available exclusively on Jumia for Ksh 15,699. The S2 Pro is one of the two new smartphones that are succeeding the Infinix Hot S that was unveiled in 2016. We were impressed with the Infinix Hot S and were very excited when we heard about its successor, the S2 Pro.

With the Infinix S2 Pro availability in the country, we managed to get our hands on a review unit that we will be using in the next couple of weeks. Before we write the full review, I thought it was a good idea to do a first impressions post and explain what the Wefie camera is all about. You will be seeing the term Wefie when Infinix starts marketing this smartphone and it will be a good idea if you understand what that is all about before then.

What’s in the Box?

Infinix S2 Pro box accessories

Infinix S2 Pro box accessories

Infinix S2 Pro box accessories

Before getting started, let’s point out what you get in the box when you buy this phone.

The phone (Infinix S2 Pro)

Pair of earphones

Screen protector

USB cable for data transfer and charging

Charging adapter

SIM ejector tool

User Manual

First Impressions

Taking out the Infinix S2 Pro from the box for the first time, you instantly notice that this device is built for those who are after smartphones that are designed to look good. The S2 Pro has a metallic frame that gives it an appealing look and will definitely stand out from other devices within the same price range. I got the one with a Topaz blue finish that is sort of a light blue colour. The colour aside, this is the same material the company used on the Hot S last year, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

The S2 Pro is not a big smartphone, it has a 5.2-inch display that will comfortably fit in your hand. If you are not a big fan of big smartphones, the S2 Pro will feel right at home. The display has 2.5D glass on top and this gives it a premium look and feel.

The overall design and build of the Infinix S2 Pro is impressive. The phone doesn’t feel cheap and this is not something you can say for all smartphones within its price range. Its size makes it easy to carry it around and use it with one hand.

Switching on the phone on for the first time takes you through the setup process and once done, you met XOS which is built on top of Android Marshmallow. Yes, Android Marshmallow. This is one of the disappointing things about the S2 Pro. Google is getting ready to release Android O later this year and we are still stuck with Android Marshmallow on the S2 Pro and there is no information if it will be getting Android Nougat update anytime soon. Even with this, I am still excited to get my hands on the S2 Pro, I will be dissecting every bit and piece it brings to the market in my full review that will be up in a couple of week.

What is with the Wefie?

The Infinix S2 Pro is all about front facing camera. It has a dual front facing camera made up of a 13MP camera and an 8MP camera. At the back there is the 13MP camera that will not be the focus of this section.

Back to the two front facing cameras, they do not work together as we have seen on other smartphones with dual cameras. The 8MP camera is the one on the left that you can clearly see while the 13MP one is the one close to the centre, it is not well defined compared to the 8MP one.

Infinix S2 Pro camera

Infinix S2 Pro camera

The cameras on the Infinix S2 Pro work independently to achieve different results. The 8MP camera on the S2 Pro has a wide-angle lens that makes it easier to have more people in your selfies. This led to Infinix coining the term Wefie (instead of selfie) when referring to photos taken with this camera. The resulting photos look like shots takes with a Go Pro or with a fish eye lens that some people use to get a wide field of view. If you have used or seen any of the products mentioned here, you already know what I am talking about.

Below is a sample shot taken with the 8MP camera of the Infinix S2 Pro.

Infinix s2 pro wefie sample

Infinix s2 pro wefie sample

The 13MP camera on the other hand is a normal selfie smartphone that takes normal selfies. This will take the normal selfies you have been taking. Below is a sample shot taken with the 13MP camera, compare this with the shot shared above and see the difference. Keep in mind that in both shots my arms are stretched to a comfortable selfie position and the results are this different.

Infinix s2 pro selfie

Infinix s2 pro selfie

I will be reviewing the Infinix S2 Pro in the next couple of weeks so wait for that review. In the meantime, check out some of the specifications of this phone below.

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