Over Half a Billion Calls are Made Through the Truecaller App Every Month


A few months ago, we told you about the updated Truecaller app that saw the introduction of built-in dialer to the app. This was seen as the company’s strategy to give users more features than what it has been known for.

When introducing these changes, the company said, “Truecaller has become a necessity for hundreds of millions of people in their daily communication by always knowing who’s calling them and protecting them against spam calls. We are now taking this to the next level by changing the way people make phone calls with our integrated dialer and adding more context to your contacts that has never been seen before.”

Four months later, Truecaller has come out to reveal that over half a billion calls per month are made through its app. This is a huge number but you have to understand that it includes all calls made through the app, this number does not stand for the individuals who use the app. The number of people who use the app to make phone calls is definitely less than 500 million, can even be 100 million or lower.

No matter how many people use the app to make phone calls, Truecaller seems very excited with this milestone. In a statement, the company said, “this is great testament that shows what we are building is helping to solve daily communication habits and that Truecaller is becoming the default dialer for our users.”

If you ask me, this is good for the company, it isn’t that different from what it has been doing as is sort of the natural thing that should have happened from the very beginning. The company also has plans to give users the best experience by improving the calling experience, “Apps go through many changes, but the phone app has been one that has stayed in the shadows of evolution. Our vision of how the dialer should naturally evolve – with features like caller Availability, Caller ID, and smart call history, provide a gateway for user’s to fully communicate with each other at the right time and to the right person,” the company concluded.

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